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Fast Food Myths Debunked: The Story Of Pink Slime, Grade D Meat, and Fake Onions

What's with those mummified burgers? And should we be worried about "pink slime?" Learn the truth about fast food and its many conspiracy theories.

Hotel Workers Reveal What Really Goes On Behind The Scenes

Ready to enjoy a nice, relaxing stay at a hotel? Not so fast. These secrets might change the way you think about spending the night in a rented room.

Spite Houses: 9 Homes People Built Just To Annoy Their Neighbors

You think you have a tendency to be spiteful? Until you have seen these houses, you do not even know what the word "spite" really means.

These Disturbing Photos Will Make You Glad History Is History

Whether it's caging babies, selling children, or electrocuting elephants, history has seen some scary times—and here are the pictures to prove it.

Brain Freeze, Goose Bumps, And Other Weird Stuff Your Body Does Without Asking

When you get that twitch just before falling asleep, is it the Sandman being rude, or does your nervous system have a 'tude? Here's how your body outsmarts your brain.

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