How would you say the word crayon?

What's a buggy? and

Your town removes a four-way stop and puts in a...circley thing. What's it called?

You stop and get a drink of water at a public faucet. It's called a...

How do you pronounce syrup?

What do you call the shoes you wear for general athletic activities?

You drive really fast on one of those big public roads. It's called a...

How do you pronounce the word lawyer?

It's raining and the sun is shining. You say...

You're at the river and you see a small crustacean. What do you call it? Vineyard

Do you ever call coleslaw slaw?

How do you use the word busted? Galimzianova

How many syllables does caramel have?

Are merry, marry, and Mary pronounced the same?

The vowels in the word been sounds most like the vowels in the word...

How do you usually use the word mint?

What do you call those little bugs that light up the summer sky?

You're eating greens. What does that mean?

You want a sugary carbonated drink. You want a...

What do you call your male friend?

What does dank mean?

Do you use the term faucet or spigot?

How do you pronounce water?

What's this called? Gabriel

What's a gig?

How do you pronounce pecan?

What's another word for your pants?

How do you pronounce Oregon? Pavone

You want to describe something ugly. You might say it's...

Do you use the term fixing to or finna?

You want to get your friends' attention. You yell...

How do you pronounce tour?

How do you say aunt?

You're describing the location of something and you gesture towards it. You say it's...

What's the City?

How do you pronounce roof?

You bump into someone. You say...

When you say cool, do you drop the l?

How do you pronounce New Orleans?

How do you say mayonnaise?

Which syllable do you emphasize in adult?

How many syllables does the word coyote have?

How many syllables are in groceries?

Say mirror and mere. Did you pronounce the words differently?

What do you call a cold cut sandwich?

What do you call a group of friends?

How do you say the first syllable in Bowie knife?

What's the industry?

Which of these foods might you see regularly? Coskun

How do you pronounce the second syllable in pajamas?