Pick an engagement ring.

Pick a type of invitation.

Pick a season.

Now, pick a table setting.

Pick a bouquet.

Choose a hairstyle for the bride...

...and one for the groom.

Choose a way to accent the bride's hair.

Choose a dress for the bride.

Now, choose a color for the bridesmaids' dresses.

Choose a style for the groomsmen.

Choose "something old."

Now, choose "something new."

"Something borrowed..."

...and "something blue."

Choose a place for the ceremony.

Choose a type of wedding ring.

Choose some transportation for the big day.

Pick a bridal veil.

Pick an officiant.

Choose an altar.

Choose some shoes for the bride...

...and some for the groom.

Book some entertainment for the reception.

Choose some appetizers.

Now, choose a cake.

Oh, and choose the perfect wedding meal.

Now, decorate your getaway car.

Choose a style of thank-you card.

Finally, pick a honeymoon location.