Camel thorn trees in Namibia at sunrise almost look too cool to be real. Almost.


This photo, captured by a Flickr user, depicts a ship coming a bit close for comfort.

This "rainbow butterfly," a product of a freak genetic mutation, showed up in North Carolina.

This colorized photo depicts a young Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States.


This unedited picture shows the appearance of a young child's jaws and their adult teeth waiting to come in.


The Sint Maarten airport is located extremely close to a highly populated beach.


During Hurricane Sandy, parts of New Jersey were entirely underwater; this means that ocean water (and ocean creatures) got swept inland.


Located on Tamarama Beach in Australia, this is an art piece called, no joke, "We're fryin' out here."


This "Pumpkin Spice Bologna" was briefly distributed by Oscar Mayer.


This wood has been worn in the shape of a Buddhist monk's feet after an under-floor heating system warmed the wood to its "melting" point.

The "Lava Moon" occurs only once every five years in Fiji.


A North Carolina photographer managed to get this shot of a curious whale swimming extremely close to Jennette's Pier.

ALEX LEX OBX Photographer

This photo, taken during Kenya's especially bad dry season in 2015, reveals a zebra and lion drinking from the same waterhole.


After shooting was briefly stalled on the set of "The Dark Knight," Heath Ledger performed a kickflip over a tired Christian Bale.

This "blue lava" naturally poured out of Indonesia's Kawah Ijen Volcano.


Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations in the world; this satellite photo caught just how widespread the celebrations were in India.


This perfectly timed photo shows off Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi near sunrise.


This photo shows Tropical Storm Alberto nearly making contact with Pensacola Beach.


The blue bow trout is a new hatchery strain where a certain pigment is isolated to produce a light blue hue.


This well-protected dream home is located in Florida, not a storybook.


"Fergie" a giraffe with an unusual case of dwarfism, briefly resided in the San Francisco Zoo in 2008.


Taken from a low-altitude plane during a forest fire, this photo reveals how heat, light, and smoke affect the clouds.


A safari company found this photo of an elephant carrying a lioness on one of its car cameras.

This seemingly aquatic scene is actually a completely natural ocean opal.


This photo, taken above Wyoming, shows the last remnant of an airplane graveyard.


A Florida resident caught this photo of Hurricane Michael making landfall.

A lucky photographer managed to capture these lenticular clouds over the Pyramids of Giza.


Captured by a rover, this image reveals what Earth, Jupiter, and Venus look like from Mars.


This "spiral cloud" is the result of evaporating water and cooling ocean temperatures.

This image shows the massive influx of floodwaters from Hurricane Sandy at the Ground Zero construction site.


The coconut crab is often larger than a coconut and is also known as the robber crab.


The Angora rabbit is known for its excessively full and fuzzy coat.


This lemon-pomegranate hybrid was a graduate student's thesis project that yielded sour results.

Adrian Kozakiewicz

This marketing stunt involved an airborne tennis court where when the ball went out, it wasn't coming back.


These spiders attempted to escape flooding by making their webs in the trees.


A massive supercell in Kansas briefly spawned a series of tornados at the same time.


During a 2017 heat wave, some cars melted as a result of the extreme heat.


After a flood surge from Hurricane Harvey, Houston's airport was briefly underwater.


The International Space Station captured this image of a dormant volcano in the Cascade range.


Bristlecone pine trees may look warped and carved, but the odd shape helps them survive colder temperatures.

Tim Laman

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