This Netflix film is the first picture from a streaming service to receive a "Best Picture" nomination.

An awkward moment occurred when La La Land lost the 2017 "Best Picture" Oscar to what film?

This film won the 2018 "Best Animated Feature" Oscar.

This film has the longest-ever title for a "Best Picture" nominee. What's its full name?

Director Steven Soderbergh received "Best Directing" nominations for two films in 2000, including the winning film, Traffic. What's the other one?

Whose name was John Travolta trying to say in this infamous flub?

In 2013, Jennifer Lawrence tripped while accepting an Oscar for what film?

Leonardo DiCaprio won his first "Best Actor" Oscar for which movie?

A Star Is Born received Oscar nominations for all of these categories...except one. Pick it.

Bo Burnham received his first "Best Director" nomination for which movie?

In what was widely regarded as a snub, Pulp Fiction lost the 1995 "Best Picture" Oscar to what movie?

Steven Spielberg has seven "Best Director" nominations. Which of these films wasn't nominated?

Which of these Clint Eastwood films won him a "Best Director" Oscar?

How many Oscars did James Cameron's Titanic win?

Since 1989, the Academy hasn't used the phrase "and the winner is." What did they replace it with?

Which actor received a 2019 nomination for playing Dick Cheney in Vice?

This 2003 film won 11 Oscars, tying the record for the most Academy Awards for a single film.

Which actor refused the 1973 Academy Award, sending activist Sacheen Littlefeather in his place?

When singer Sam Smith won "Best Original Song" in 2016, he made a mistake in his acceptance speech. What was it?

Ellen's famous "Oscar selfie" shattered social media records, but one famous person was too short to make the shot. Who was it?

In 1999, this film lost the "Best Picture" category to Shakespeare in Love, which critics derided as an obvious snub.

In 2001, this singer caused an uproar by dressing as a swan for her Red Carpet appearance...and laying an egg.

In 2008, this actor became the first Oscar winner since 1976 to receive the award posthumously.

In 2002, Halle Berry became the first African American to win "Best Actress" for which film?

This 2000 film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards (tied for the record for a foreign-language film).

Sam Mendes won the 1999 "Best Director" award for the first film he ever directed. What was it?

This 1991 film was the most recent to win the Big Five Academy Awards: Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, and Screenplay.

In 2012, Brenda Chapman became the first woman to win a "Best Animated Feature" Oscar for directing which film?

At the 2018 Oscars, this film became the first science fiction movie to win the "Best Picture" award.

In 2003, this actress became the first woman from Africa to win the "Best Actress" award.