Okay, let’s get started. Think hard about all the things you’ve done in 2020 and pick one of these kittens. Choose the cutest!

Okay, now think of all the plans you’ve cancelled this year. The people you failed to reach out to. The aching pit in your stomach. Which kitten is the cutest?

Think about all the days you’ve wasted reading the never-ending deluge of news, none of which makes you feel any better. Who’s a cuuutttte kitty?

Now, think about how 2021, realistically, won’t be any better. In fact, it may be worse. You may look back at the salad days of 2020 in a few short months, wishing that you’d known the horrible things ahead so that you’d had some chance to enjoy what remained of your sanity. AW LOOK AT THE LITTLE TIP-TIPS AND THEIR TINY TOES!

Think about restaurant closures. Pick one of the stupid cats.

Last one. Look, none of these cats are going to fill the gaping hole in your heart. Pick one, though.