How often do you argue with your partner?

When you're in an argument, what's your goal?

You have a problem at work or school. How likely are you to tell your partner?

Rate this statement: "My partner and I share life goals."

How often do you go on dates together?

As a couple, how are your communication skills?

Would you consider counseling or relationship therapy if the only other option was breaking up?

Do you feel that your relationship is moving forward?

You are embarking on a year-long travel adventure with your partner. Are you excited?

How often do you think about breaking up?

Do you ever feel jealous of your friends' relationships? Zivkovic

How critical are you of your partner?

How critical is your partner?

Do you want your partner to change?

Do you ever stay late at work just to avoid your partner?

How do you feel about date night?

Pick a word to describe your partner.

Now, pick a word to describe your relationship.

Do you ever feel like your partner is a different person than the person you started dating?

How often do you have long conversations with your partner?

Do you ever wish that your partner was more sensitive to your feelings?

Rate this statement: "I would break up, but I'm waiting for a reason."

Do you feel that your partner is an emotionally healthy person?

Have your friends ever expressed concerns about your relationship?

Are you excited about trying new experiences with your partner? Kateryniuk

Does your partner make you feel good about yourself?

Rate this statement: "I'd break up with my partner if I knew I could date someone else right away."

If you broke up, do you think that you'd regret it?

How often do you have doubts about your partner?

Rate this statement: "I'm happy in my relationship."