What's "turnt" short for?

When might you use "squad goals?"

If something's "Gucci," what is it?

"Trill" is a combination of which two words?

What are you doing if you're "SMH?"

Who would you call "fam?"

What does "snatched" mean?

How about "on fleek?"

If you're going to "finesse your car," what are you going to do?

Where did the phrase "Bye, Felicia" come from?

When you add "bible" to the end of a sentence, what are you saying?

Where does the term "Stan" come from?

And what is a "Stan?"

How is "swerve" most commonly used?

If a party is "lit," what is it?

Which of these would you do "low key?"

"Doe" is often used as a replacement for...

What does it mean to "keep it 100?"

Your friend tells you that your shirt is "TD." How should you respond?

When would you use "OTP?"

Who popularized the phrase "put some respek on my name?"

If something's "sus," what is it?

If you're really racking up "Ls," what are you doing?

You're tired to go to a party, but you go anyway. Why?

Which of these people might be "salty?"

What are you saying when you say "hundo P?"

What are you doing if you're "shipping?"

What's "GOAT" short for?

What is "TFW" short for?

Which of these is "basic?"

What does "slab" stand for?

What is a "slab?"

Your friend ruthlessly insults someone. You tell them that they're being...

If someone "slays," what are they?

Which of these isn't a dance or dance move?

If you say "I'm weak," what are you saying?

Who should "sip tea?"

You're leaving a party. You're going to...

This song is awesome. It's...

Final question: If you're over the age of 40, should you use any of the terms from this quiz?

No. No, you should not.