How hot do you like your shower? Vesalainen

Be honest: How clean is your tub?

Which best describes your toweling-off style? Leahy

Speaking of towels, how often do you wash yours?

Do you shower every time you work out?

How often do you wash your hair?

How intensely do you exfoliate your skin?

Do you use soap bars or liquid body wash?

How often do you replace your loofah? Richards

Do you wash your face in the shower, or later, at the sink?

Do you share loofahs or washcloths?

Do you brush your hair before, after, or during your shower?

How often do you take a shower?

How long is your average shower?

When do you moisturize your skin?

Do you have hard water or soft water in your home?

Do you pee in the shower, or are you a liar?

Feet: Scrub them or let the soapy runoff handle the job? King

What's your go-to body cleansing product?

Do you use conditioner in your hair?

How do you know when you've used enough cleanser?

What's your preferred moisturizing product?

Do you always close the door when you shower?

Do you shower in the morning or at night?

What's your shampoo strategy?

Do you moisturize in the shower?

If you shave in the shower, where do you keep your razor?

Do you shave before, during, or after your shower?

What do you wear in the shower?

Do you ever wash your shower curtain?