What sign would you throw up when a player makes a free throw?

What sign indicates a two-point field goal?

What indicates that a field goal attempt qualifies as a three-point shot?

How would you indicate a successful three-point shot?

Now, indicated a five-second violation.

That was too easy. Try a 10-second violation.

How do you perform visible counts?

How do you indicate a tipped ball?

Call for a 30-second timeout.

Now, call for 60 seconds.

What gesture would you use to beckon in a substitute?

And what gesture would you use to indicate the substitution?

Now, indicate a blocking foul.

Indicate a technical foul.

Indicate to stop the game clock (no foul).

Indicate to stop the game clock (foul).

Now, start the clock.

Call a player for pushing.

Call a charge (or a player control foul).

How would you call someone for palming?

What's the correct gesture for "not closely guarded"?

How would you call a lane violation?

Now, call for a jump ball.

How would you call an intentional foul?

Call an "illegal use of hands" violation.

Call someone for holding.

How would you call a double dribble?

Call a delayed lane violation.

Call for a bonus free throw.

Finally, call a player for traveling.