First, pick a planet...

Now, pick a planet for your partner.

Pick a word to describe your relationship with your partner.

Now, pick a word to describe yourself.

Which word best describes your partner's personality?

Can you tell what's bothering your partner before they even say it?

Rate this statement: "If we go on vacation, my partner and I will easily agree on our travel destination."

Rate this statement: "My partner and I share the same thirst for knowledge."

Do you and your partner "click"?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Choose a heavenly body.

Is your partner a patient person?

Is your partner a loyal person?

Do you believe in psychic energy?

Does your partner believe in psychic energy?

Do you and your partner ever text each other at the exact same time?

How do your friends feel about your partner?

How does your family feel about your partner? Ilic

Rate this statement: "My partner and I share a similar set of life goals."

Can you imagine life without your partner?

Choose an element.

Now, choose an element for your partner.

Rate this statement: "I love spending time with my partner, even if we're not talking." Dolmatov

Do you think you spend the right amount of time with your partner?

Rate this statement: "I share many interests with my partner."

Do you feel that your relationship is exciting?

Do you read your partner's horoscope?

What's the most important factor in a strong relationship?

Would your partner agree with your answer to the previous question?

How much do you think the zodiac influences your romantic life?