It's your first day of school. What's your first move?

When you get to your locker, you discover that your combination doesn't work. What do you do?

Thanks to the locker thing, you're late to your first class. You shuffle in, and your teacher glares at you and asks why you're late. What's your excuse?

Between classes, a dorky kid comes up and asks if you want to join them for lunch. You...

It's lunchtime. What do you eat?

As you're sitting down with your lunch, someone hands you a piece of paper. It's a sign-up sheet for the school play. What do you do?

Toward the end of the day, your attention starts to wander. The teacher sees it and asks you a question: "Who was the 10th President of the United States?" You respond...

The school day's over. It's time to pick an extracurricular activity:

You start to walk home. The dorky kid from earlier offers to walk you home. You say...

You survived your first day. How do you celebrate?

At the end of your first week of school, you've made a few friends. On Friday, one of them calls and asks to hang out. You say...

You've had a big weekend. It's Monday morning, and you overslept. What do you do?

You're nearing the end of your first semester. Your school lets you choose an elective class for the next semester; what is it?

While you're at it, you've got to choose a foreign language class. What is it?

You can also choose to join the school band. What's your musical instrument?

One day, you arrive at your locker to discover that someone put up a picture of you with "Nerd" scrawled over your face. What do you do? Downey

One of the kids on the football team is bullying you, and he's not going to stop anytime soon. What do you do?

You're falling behind in both math and science. What's your study plan?

One of the popular kids invites you to a concert. You're still struggling with your coursework. What do you do? Ferrari

You catch some kids making fun of that one dorky kid. Do you stand up for him?

You've been in school for six months now. What's your biggest problem?

You realize you're developing a crush. Who are you crushing on?

Your crush invites you to "study" after school. What do you do?

Your parents confront you when you get home; they know you've been sneaking out past curfew. What's your response?

They don't buy it. You're grounded. What do you do?

You see your crush sitting alone in the cafeteria. Do you sit with them?

The school dance is coming up. Will you go?

You end up at the school dance, but you didn't have a date. What's your approach?

You're now in your senior year. What's your top priority?

Your English teacher thinks you've got promise, and suggests that you write for the school newspaper. Do you do it?

You find out that one of your friends is hooking up with your crush. What do you do?

Finals are coming up. How much time do you spend studying?

You take the finals, but you didn't get the score you wanted on one. You have the option to re-take it. Do you?

"Senior Skip Day" is coming up. Many of the seniors are going to cut class. Will you?

It's time to apply to colleges. Where will you apply first?

What's the title of your college essay? Maneerat

The yearbook comes out. You're voted "Most Likely To..."

Are you going to attend the graduation ceremony?

How will you spend your final summer after your senior year?

What was your favorite part of high school?