City Of Angels

Emerald City

Sin City

The City Of Lilies

Motor City

Oyster City

The Fashion Capital

The Capital Of The Alps

The City Of Dreams

Pearl Of The Orient

The Lion City

The Forbidden City

The Windy City

The City By The Bay

Port of the Moon

The City Of Love

The City Of Brotherly Love

City Of Palaces

White City

Little Paris

The City of 72 Nations

The Grey City

The City That Never Stops

The City Of Gaudi

The Old Smoke

Little Big City

The City Of A Hundred Spires

The City Of Tigers

Golden Triangle

The Eternal City

The Pearl of the Adriatic

The Big Easy

The Big Apple

The Paris of South America

The Holy City

Sheltered Bay

Paris Of The Nile

The Steel City

The Mind of Russia

City Of The Sun

The Fair City

Bride Of The Sea

The Peace Capital

The Harbour City

The City Of The Kings