How do you do the "Zany" emote?

Which one of these shows the "Wiggle" emote?

Which one is the "Tidy"?

Choose the "Worm" emote.

This one should be easy...which one's "Take the L"?

Which one is the "T-Pose"?

Choose "Star Power".

Which emote is the "Squat Kick"?

Which one of these is "Smooth Moves"?

Okay, time for the big guns...which one is "Ride the Pony"?

Show us how to "Pop Lock".

Which one is "Orange Justice"?

Which emote is the "Llama Bell"?

Okay...that was an easy one.

We're looking for "Living Large".

Which one is "Jubilation"?

It's time to do the "Infinite Dab".

Now, pick out the normal, uh, "Dab".

Get "Hype".

Which one is "Groove Jam"?

Which one is the "Gentleman's Dab"?

How about "Fresh"?

Let's pull out the classics—which one is "Floss"?

Which one is "Flippin' Sexy"?

Pick out "Electro Swing".

Now, choose "Electro Shuffle".

Which emote would you choose if you had "Disco Fever"?

After recovering from Disco Fever, you might want some "Dance Therapy"...

Which one is "Breakin'"?

Which one is "Breakdown"?

Which one is "Best Mates"?