How long have you known your crush?

Have you ever kissed?

Has your friend been in a relationship with someone else while they've known you?

If so, does your friend ask you for relationship advice?

If you invite your friend out to do something, will they bring someone else along?

Pick a word to describe your relationship with your crush. Ilic

Pick another one.

Has your friend every tried on clothes in front of you?

Does your friend hug you?

Does your friend seem to dress more nicely when they know you'll be around?

How often do you make plans together—without any other friends?

Does your friend ever ask questions about your romantic life?

Does your friend ever go out of the way to make physical contact with you?

Does your friend ever pull away when you casually make physical contact with them?

You watch a movie with your friend. By the end of the movie, they're...

Do you ever go shopping with your friend?

Does your friend ask you for any type of advice?

Do you know your friend's parents?

Has your friend ever tried to set you up with someone?

Does your friend laugh at your jokes?

You're walking down the street with your friend. They...

Does your friend have any nicknames for you?

Have you ever shared a bed with your friend?

Has your friend ever said you're "like a brother/sister?"

Have you ever consoled your friend after a breakup?

You invite your friend to lunch. They wear...

Does your friend seem nervous around you?

Does your friend refer to you as a "friend" when talking to other people? Kateryniuk

Have they ever offered to be your wingman/wingwoman?

Finally, how do you think your crush would describe your relationship?