These days, it seems like there’s a hack to make everything easier, but they’re often for things you never even do. We’ve got some you’ll want to pay attention to, though, because you’ve actually been doing these common things wrong all along.

There are things we all do every day that aren’t always as simple as they should be. Whether it’s adding a new key to your keyring, keeping a dirty spoon off the stove as you cook, or even just remembering to grab something extra on your way out the door, these simple tasks often end up causing us way more frustration than they really should.

Did you know, however, that there are plenty of simple tricks that can make all of these tasks as easy as we all think they should be? Here are the hacks that’ll help you with the everyday things you’ve been doing wrong all this time.

Eating Pringles

Pringles are a unique chip that are absolutely delicious, but they can sometimes be a little hard to eat. Yes, the chip has kind of a weird shape, but they can also be hard to dig out of their narrow can once you reach a certain depth. Instead of trying to shove your whole arm in there or ripping apart the can, a plain piece of paper can work miracles here.

Fold the paper in half lengthwise and then slide it into the Pringles can. Gently tip the can onto its side and slowly slide the piece of paper out with all of the Pringles resting on top of it. It’s like a tray and tool all in one, and it’ll keep the can intact in case you don’t eat all the chips in one sitting. Don’t kid yourself, though—you know you will.

Using Straws in Cans

Some people just enjoy using a straw no matter what they’re drinking, even a fizzy can of soda. The problem, though, is that straws are usually free to roam around the mouth of a can or glass, and can using one cause some embarrassing moments when you go in for a drink and it’s not in the exact spot you thought it would be.

Though there isn’t much hope if you’re drinking out a glass, cans are a whole different story. Although keeping the straw in place probably isn’t the intended purpose, it is a handy hack. It seems so obvious now that you have to wonder how it isn’t already common knowledge.

Stocking Cans

Speaking of cans, it can be a pain to load a case of soda into your refrigerator one by one. Turns out you don’t have to, though. If you buy a 12-pack of soda, or any amount that comes in a flat case, there’s actually a really simple way you can load them all into the fridge at once.

Just open the soda box on both ends, then carefully place it into the fridge. Use one hand to push the cans forward while using the other hand to pull the box out, and they’ll all be in there in seconds.

Cooling Down Drinks

It’s bound to happen to all of us at some point in time—you want a drink, but realize that you forgot to put it into the fridge to chill when you first got it. The normal reaction is to just put the drink in the fridge and then obsessively check to see if it’s cold, but there’s a better way.

To cool cans and bottles down quickly, take a wet paper towel and wrap it around the outside of the container. Then put it in the freezer for approximately 15 minutes and come back to enjoy your chilled can or bottle.

Eating Chicken Wings

Most people will agree that chicken wings are one of the ultimate party foods, but there are those who won’t eat them in social settings because of how messy they are. It doesn’t actually have to be that bad though, at least if you’re eating the flat wings.

Just take the bones one at a time, pinch them at the ends, twist gently to loosen them, then pull them out. You’ll essentially create your own boneless wing that you can then eat with a knife and fork for less mess. Be cautioned, though; some people may make fun of you for this. Whatever—your shirt will stay clean!

Cooking Food

Have you ever noticed that some of your pots and pans come with a hole in the handle? You’ve probably always assumed it was put there as a way to make it easier to store pans by hanging them up, which it does, but that’s not the only way you can use it.

Though it might not work for every spoon you have, the hole in the handle of your pan can actually be used as a spoon rest that will keep your spoon in place and allow anything on it to drop right back into the pan—no separate spoon rest required.

Boiling Water

Speaking of pots and pans, have you ever stepped away from a boiling pot for two seconds, only to come back to it overflowing all over your stove? It’s a common problem and one that’s super easy to fix—all it takes is a simple wooden spoon.

Just place the spoon over the top of the open pot—make sure it can actually reach from one side to the other—and your water won’t bubble over again. This works because the surface of the spoon will destabilize and pop the water bubbles due to their temperature differences.

Altering Key Rings

It can be an exciting thing to add a new key to your key ring, maybe because you recently bought a new house or car. What’s not fun, though, is actually getting the key on there. People have suffered from many a broken nail and pinched finger while trying to accomplish this seemingly impossible task, but it can actually be way easier.

All you need to do is take a staple remover and press the points into the opening of the key ring, which will hold it open without you having to use your fingers.

Mirrors and Windows

Aside from their obvious use of allowing you to check your looks before you walk out the door, mirrors are also great ways to give yourself little reminders. No, we’re not talking about scrawling yourself a message in lipstick—use a dry erase marker instead. And hey, why stop there? Writing on windows is another way to give yourself reminders and encouragement.

The marker will just wipe away whenever you need to remove it, and if you accidentally use a permanent marker, you can apparently remove it with a dry erase marker, too. Don’t blame us if that last part doesn’t work out, though.

Using Extension Cords

Extension cords are a great tool to have at your disposal for when you need power nowhere near an actual power source. The trouble often comes when you stretch them just a little too far and the two cords become unplugged or, even worse, the plug that’s actually connected to the outlet comes loose.

Though you can’t do much about the latter other than to make sure you pay attention to how far you’re stretching your cord, you can do something about the first scenario. To make sure the cords you’ve connected don’t come undone, try tying them in a loose knot before you connect them.

Eating Popsicles

Alright, we’re not saying that you’ve actually been eating a popsicle the wrong way your entire life, but we’re assuming that you’ve made a mess while doing it at some point in time. There’s a simple solution for that, however—a cupcake liner.

Just poke a hole in the bottom of the liner and slide the end of the popsicle stick through it. The liner will help to catch any liquid that drips off the popsicle, keeping your hands, arms, and clothes clean. If you have kids, we can’t guarantee their face will stay clean, though.