Add a little sparkle to your room with this quick decorating hack.

Have you felt like your living space could really use a facelift lately, but don’t have a ton of time or money to update it? Well, here is a cost-effective way to give your space a totally new vibe. This tutorial lets you give your bedroom a much softer, mellow look and feel with only a few minutes of work. All you need are all white string lights, a hammer, nails, and a single curtain. You’ll actually want to have the curtain hanger measured out and placed on the wall before adding the lights.

Now, think about the design and flow you’d like to have.

Do you want the lights in straight lines going up from the floor? You might also prefer a circular shape that curves the lights around the wall. In any case, this is the creative part of the project. Any design you like will work, but be sure you don’t go outside the width of the curtain that will eventually cover the lights. Map out your idea, measuring the desired spaces and marking the nail spots with a pencil. Hammer nails at the top and bottom of where the strands will be, giving extra support for the lights.

This video shows how to create a headboard, but you can do this to any part of your home.

Finally, once everything is hammered into place and the lights are up, plug them in to be sure everything works and looks the way you’d like it to. This is also the best time to make any adjustments-changing the shape or maybe even adding another strand. Once it’s finished, attached the curtain, turn off the main light, and relax and enjoy! Living rooms or guest rooms can always benefit from some extra, funky lighting.