Chrissy Teigen’s baffling the internet again.

The 31-year-old model has a lot going on for her lately; last year, she gave birth to her first daughter, and she released a cookbook called Cravings, which quickly became a New York Times bestseller.

She’s also a co-host of Lip Sync Battle alongside LL Cool J, and she’s probably not going anywhere soon. It’s easy to see why—people can’t seem to get enough of Teigen! 

With 5.82 million Twitter followers, Teigen has also cultivated a sizable social media presence. On June 15, 2017, she treated those followers to…well, one of the most confusing medical warning labels we’ve ever seen.

Here’s the tweet, which gathered 13,000 retweets and more than 1,400 comments.

If you can’t read it, you might need eyedrops in your mouth. It reads: “Put 1 drop by mouth 3 times a day into right eye for 1 week.”

Twitter users quickly came to Teigen’s aid, offering various interpretations of the message. Hopefully, she called her doctor for clarification, since, well, Twitter users aren’t a great resource for medical advice.

Comments ranged from helpful to hilarious.

“On the bright side, better than administering one drop by mouth, three times a day rectally,” wrote Twitter user @steventurous.

“You gotta get someone’s mouth the volunteer,” wrote another user, adding another layer of confusion to the whole mess.

“Hold the dropper in your mouth, stand on your head, put drops in right eye,” wrote another user. “What don’t you understand?”

But for once, the internet also had a few legitimate answers.

Unaiza Annie Aslam of Valley Stream, New York wrote, “It’s a typo,” in the comments section of a Buzzfeed article about the tweet:“I’ve worked at Walmart pharmacy and there’s medical shorthand for common phrases that you type, and it gets written out as the long version of Instructions.Someone must have accidentally typed the shorthand for ‘by mouth’ out of habit and didn’t notice the mistake, even after it got printed on the label. Pharmacy failz.”

These types of typos apparently aren’t uncommon, which is why patients should always check with their physicians or pharmacists if they’re at all confused about medication instructions. In some cases, taking medicine the wrong way—for instance, by putting it in your eyes when it’s supposed to go in your mouth—can make it ineffective.

We doubt that Teigen’s really all that confused, however. She didn’t mention the medication in any subsequent tweets. She did, however, treat her fans to a sexy picture she took in husband John Legend’s hotel room; she’d apparently traveled to see him after a recent show.

“Successfully surprised John with a secret trip to see him in Boston 🙂 gift level 10/10,” she wrote. In the picture, she’s holding a Father’s Day cake, and she’s not wearing much of anything (within the limits of Instagram’s photo policy, of course).

Check out that moment here—if Teigen’s worried about interpreting her medication instructions, she’s clearly not showing it!