The Vet Ranch, a non-profit organization that helps homeless animals in Texas, found and rescued four baby squirrels after their mother was found dead. These cute babies were lucky because they wouldn’t have lasted much longer without their mother in the Texas heat. Dr. Matt Carriker took them in and recorded their progress for his popular YouTube channel

Carriker could barely hold back his excitement when talking about the squirrels he was about to raise. “Their eyes aren’t open yet, they’re still nursing, so we’re going to bottle feed these little things,” he said.

Carriker and his coworkers fed the squirrels with formula through tiny syringes. His plan was to house them until they grew old enough to survive on their own.  

He built a cage and several weeks later moved their home outside with the door left open. Carriker expected the squirrels to run away and never look back. But after a few days, he was flattered to discover his wild pet squirrels stuck around to continue living in his backyard.  

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