The concept is simple: Your doctor gives you an envelope that contains a paper with your baby’s gender. You share the “reveal” with parents, friends, and anyone else you want. Cool, right?

A typical gender reveal party is a really awesome event. Here’s a recent example (try not to cry).

Awesome, right? But we’ve seen some couples go to incredible lengths to make their gender reveals truly memorable. Often, they’ll tell a neutral third party, whom they’ll trust to arrange something unique.

That was the case for Chris and Tracy Maschke. Their family arranged for an unusual reveal; the couple would pop a large, black balloon filled with confetti. Pink confetti would signify a girl, and blue confetti would signify a boy.

Sure, that sounds pretty straightforward, but that wasn’t the case in practice.

When Chris and Tracy popped the big balloon, they were greeted with…rainbow confetti. What does that mean, exactly? Multiple births?

Not quite. The balloon was misdirection, courtesy of the couple’s family and friends, and the real reveal was hidden in another black balloon. As one YouTube comment points out, it’s a brilliant ploy, since it compels the couple to celebrate the reveal instead of expecting a certain result.

That’s all well and good, but what was it? Boy or girl?

Well, you’ll just have to watch the video to find out. Check out the incredible moment below, and be sure to leave a quick comment on the YouTube page congratulating Chris and Tracy on their growing family!