What’s Your Favorite Order At Pop’s?

An ice cream sundae
Onion rings
A milkshake

What High School Clique Were You In?

The jocks/cheerleaders
The hipsters
The skaters
The thespians

Are You An Introvert Or Extrovert?


Overall, Do You Get Along With Your Parents?

Yes, I love my parents
Don’t even bring up my parents

What Do You Do If Someone Bad-Mouths Your Friends?

I stand up for them, of course
I talk to my friend and let them know that I’ve got their back
I avoid the whole situation
I join in the badmouthing

Are You A Sports Fan?

Yes, I love sports
Yes, but it’s not the most important thing in my life
I don’t really care for sports one way or the other
I hate sports

What’s Your Ideal Pet?

I love dogs. They’re loyal
I love cats. They’re smart
I don’t have time for pets
My parents won’t let me have a pet

What Would You Do With A Million Dollars?

I’d use it to follow my passion
I’d flaunt it at every possible opportunity
I’d use it to expose the people in power
I’d save it and not tell anyone

Do You Like School?

Yes, I love it
Meh, it’s fine, I guess
I don’t like school. Who does?
There’s nothing I hate as much as school

What’s Your Favorite Color?

Yellow. Preferably with black spots

Would You Lie To Help A Friend?

Sure, I guess
Probably not

What’s Your Favorite Season?


What Is The Most Important Quality In A Friend?

They’ve got to have my back
They’ve got to share my interests
They need to love me unconditionally
They need to respect my feelings

Are You Musically Inclined?

Yes, I love to play music, and I’m pretty good
I’m not really interested in music

How Would Your Friends Describe You?

Smart, but cynical
Loyal and honest
Pretty cruel, if we’re being honest
A goody two-shoes

Are You A Rule-Follower?

Yes, absolutely
Most of the time
I’ve been known to break the rules on occasion
Rules were made to be broken

If Someone Wronged You, What Would You Do?

I’d let them know that it wasn’t cool
I’d immediately get back at them
I’d smile, but secretly, I’d plan my revenge
I’d wrong them first

What’s Your Ideal Date Night?

We split an ice cream at Pop’s. Keep it simple
We head out to a concert
We uncover a vast criminal conspiracy
We make out. A lot

What High School Superlative Would You Most Likely Get?

Most Likely to Succeed
Most Likely to Be on a Reality Show
Most Likely to Be Late to Graduation
Most Likely to Win a Pulitzer

What Is Your Weakness?

I badly want my parents’ approval
I’m a little bit dramatic
I’m a pretty cynical person
I’ve got lots of weaknesses. I’m working on them, though!

Do You Have Any Secrets?

Yes, I’ve got plenty
Just one, but it’s a big one
I prefer to expose other peoples’ secrets
Not really. It’s all on the surface with me

How Do You Feel About Crime?

The ends justify the means
Criminals are idiots

What’s Your Favorite Holiday?

Independence Day

What Word Best Describes You?


What’s Your Favorite Accessory?

I’m pretty fond of skullcaps
I love my letterman’s jacket
I never go anywhere without my lipstick
I’ve got a thing for cat-ear hair clips

After School You

Go straight to sports practice
Start studying
Hang out with my friends
Practice my instrument

Do You Have Any Siblings?

It’s, uh, complicated

What Do You Do When You Get Angry?

I use my creativity to deal with the emotion
I punch something
I stew over it
I take it out on someone else

Your Dream Job Is

Instagram celebrity
I haven’t really thought about it yet

Are You A Troublemaker?

Of course. I like to have fun.
Yes, but I’m trying to change
No, I don’t make trouble unless it’s absolutely necessary
Nope. I’m pretty straight-laced

Where Would You Like To Live?

The big city. There’s nothing like the allure of the big lights
I’d like to live a simple country life

How Do You Spend Your Summer Vacation?

Studying for the next semester
Relaxing somewhere tropical
Working hard to get ahead
Hanging out with my favorite teacher

You Have A Crush On Someone, What Do You Do?

Tell them. What’s the worst that could happen?
Quietly obsess over them

What Is Your Personal Style?

I’m pretty flamboyant
I’m a trendsetter
I really couldn’t care less about style
I keep it simple

Do You Prefer To Drive Or Walk?

I’ll drive
I’ll walk

What’s Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Hey, if it’s ice cream, I’m on board

What Are Your Hobbies?

I love music
I love to write
I don’t have time for hobbies
I love dreaming up new ways to make people love me

Your Ideal Friday Night Involves

Watching a movie at the drive-in
Spending time with my friends
Going out clubbing
Heading out to a concert

Do You Like Going To Parties?

Of course. Who doesn’t like parties?
I hate parties

You See A Friend Getting Bullied, What Do You Do?

Stop the bully
Work out a plan to get back at the bully later
Console my friend
I’m probably doing the bullying

Jughead Jones

You’re a bit cynical, but you’re smart. You prefer to lay low, and while you love your friends, you’ll do just fine without them. You’ve got a strong moral compass, but you’re certainly not conventional.

Archie Andrews

You’re talented, strong, and loyal to your friends. That doesn’t mean that you don’t screw up every once in a while—and you’ve certainly got your share of secrets. Still, when push comes to shove, you’re a pretty upstanding individual.

Betty Cooper

You’re straight-laced, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You work hard to stay on the right path, which is a good thing—provided that you don’t go insane from all of the pressure. You just wish people would see the real you.

Veronica Lodge

You’re not perfect, and you know it. You’re working to make yourself better, and you’re having a ton of fun along the way. You don’t mind breaking the rules, but you’re extremely loyal to your friends.

Josie McCoy

You’re driven, and your career is far more important than any high school fling. People know that you’ve got talent, and some of them are incredibly jealous. Still, you’re putting in the work because you believe in yourself.

Cheryl Blossom

You’re powerful and popular. Is that really so bad? While some people might cast you as a villain, they don’t know what you’ve been through—or what you’re willing to do to stay on top.

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