Everybody loves chewing on their pen caps, but you better be careful! There are almost 100 deaths each year of people accidentally swallowing their pen caps and choking. Although that number is drastically low compared to almost anything else, most pen companies have been doing everything they can to make sure their products are safe if ingested. We think companies like Bic are doing a great job of thinking outside the pen and figuring out how to help someone breathe when choking on a cap. Bic’s introduction of the fail-safe pen cap in 1991 is remarkable! Bic puts a hole in the cap large enough for someone to breath until help arrives. Each year, the design of the cap may change slightly, but rest assured there will ALWAYS be a hole in the cap!

The hole in the cap is part of a safety initiative in accordance with international safety standards.According to Bic, “Bic caps comply with international safety standards that attempt to minimize the risk of children accidentally inhaling pen caps.”It is important to stress that even though most pen caps have a fail-safe hole in them, if the cap is chewed up, air flow may become prohibited. Chewing on the cap may block the hole and prevent proper air flow. This is why it is still vital to keep your pens away from small children! Other than saving lives, the small hole in the lid has a second secret. It helps to maintain air pressure with the pen, preventing those pesky ink spills. We had no idea these pens did anything so scientific! Way to go pen engineers!