The English language is a strange thing, and recently, we’ve wondered about some of the strange differences in terms across different geographical regions. Let’s say you want a frosty, thick dessert drink made primarily with ice cream; what do you call that?

Most people would say “milkshake,” but occasionally, you’ll hear people refer to a “malt.” Still others will insist on having an “egg cream,” and very rarely, you’ll hear a diner at a restaurant insist on having a “2002 Dodge Ram.” What are the differences between these terms?

We’ll lay it out for you.

A malt is a milkshake, but it’s a specific type of milkshake.

It contains malted milk powder, which brings out the sweetness of the drink and adds richness to the flavor. To make a malted milkshake (or, colloquially, a “malt”), you simply prepare a milkshake normally, blending ice cream with milk or cream and flavoring. 

When the dessert reaches a drinkable consistency, add a spoonful of malted milk powder. This is a great way to upgrade a traditional milkshake, but don’t be surprised if people still call it a “milkshake.” Old habits die hard!

An egg cream isn’t actually a type of milkshake.

It includes milk, but also soda — or, more precisely, carbonated water and flavored syrup. It doesn’t actually contain egg, so strict vegetarians can breathe easy.

Typically, an egg cream is prepared by adding syrup and milk (or half-and-half) and beating the mixture vigorously with a fork. Add some club soda, and you’ve got yourself a delicious dessert. It tastes somewhat similar to a float, but without the added ice cream. 

A 2002 Dodge Ram is a type of truck.

While not known for its comfort or gas mileage, the 2002 Dodge Ram featured a powerful engine, spacious bed, and outstanding four-wheel drive. It contains no milk, eggs, or ice cream.

Typically, the 2002 Dodge Ram is prepared by experienced autoworkers in a factory. Homemade 2002 Dodge Rams are uncommon, but ask for it at any Detroit diner, and you’re in for a treat. The 2002 Dodge Ram is often served with a trailer hitch, quad cab, and heated mirrors. With a Gross Combined Weight Rating of 14,000 pounds, it’s easily thicker than most of the other desserts on this list. Ask for it with a hemi to avoid bucking and shaking.

Hopefully, we’ve helped to clear up some of the confusion.