What Your Zodiac Sign Says About The Way You Kiss

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Here’s a personal growth challenge for you: Try to kiss a representative of every star sign within, say, five years. Or, skip the legwork and just read on. This is what the signs of the Zodiac mean for smooching styles everywhere! 

Taurus, The Bull. (April 21- May 21):

Taurus is an earth sign, meaning that these individuals develop very deep connections to their environment as well as to those around them. What’s this mean about how they kiss? They are really feeling it. For a Taurus, a kiss is not just a transactional event or a means to an end, a kiss is a cosmic indulgence that helps bring them closer to their mate.


Gemini, The Twins. (May 22- June 21):

Geminis are very sensual and exploratory beings, so they are going to pursue whatever feels good in the moment. Geminis’ somewhat split personalities make it so they can have a chameleon-like ability to match others, meaning that once they pick up on what you like, the Gemini is likely to try it for themselves.


Cancer, The Crab. (June 22- July 22):

Cancers can be unpredictable — they have their comfort zones that don’t always line up with their adventurous ambitions. What’s this mean? Well, these individuals kissing secrets may be tough to discover, but once you’ve unlocked their comfortable, sweet spot, you’ll have them in the palm of your hands.


Leo, The Lion. (July 23- August 21):

Confident and charismatic, Leos have a lot of fun and they want to make sure that their partner is having fun, too. Be prepared to be swept off your feet and feel like you’re the center of the galaxy when you’re kissing a lion.


Virgo, The Virgin or Maiden. (August 22- September 23):

Virgos are selfless kissers, making sure that the object of their affection is being pleased. These individuals are natural empaths, so they are feeling whatever energy you are putting out there and they are learning and remembering whatever it is that you like. Virgos get better at everything given the chance, so plan on a second date if you’re smooching someone with this sign.


Libra, The Scales. (September 24- October 23):

Libras are looking for true love. This means that they pack a boatload of emotional energy, longing, and affection into each and every embrace. While those with this sign tend to try and be diplomatic and pleasing to all, if you’re not bringing your A-game to the kissing table, they won’t settle for your mediocrity.


Scorpio, The Scorpion. (October 24- November 22):

Talk about intensity! Scorpio kisses are bold, strong, and emotional. These scorpions may be a little domineering, which may be something to look for if you’re into that sort of thing.


Sagittarius, The Centaur. (November 23- December 22):

Sagittariuses are positive and outgoing individuals, meaning they kiss with joy and curiosity. Their reckless personalities may mean that centaurs can find themselves kissing a number of others, but practice makes perfect.


Capricorn, The Goat. (December 23- January 20):

Capricorns tend to be organized and in control of their worlds — they know what they need and they’re going to make sure that you know how to give it to them. If you’re kissing a Capricorn, understand that you have been chosen by a choosey chooser, congratulations.


Aquarius, The Water Bearer. (January 21- February 19):

Aquariuses are trailblazers, so you may find them exploring new techniques and approaches to everything in their lives, including kissing. When they do smooch, they make it look goooood.


Pisces, The Fish. (February 20- March 20):

Pisces are perceptive and sensitive, but sometimes they need to get out of their heads — so making out is the perfect escape. These individuals may be a little mysterious, but kissing can be a way to unlock their secrets.


Aries, The Ram. (March 21- April 20):

Aries can be foolhardy and bold, diving into a kiss without caring about what’s going on around them. Expect the unexpected with a ram, and have fun with these courageous kissers.


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