It’s a jungle out there.

Or, at least, a savanna. This thrilling video shows several encounters between big cats and big snakes, and each clip is an example of the sheer brutality of nature.Big cats will prey on just about anything, and snakes are certainly on the menu. In fact, house cats will occasionally stalk smaller snakes as their incredible reflexes allow them to get in the decisive bite before the snake has a chance to react.

Animals must kill or be killed.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that bigger cats have similar habits. However, there’s something different about seeing a tiger or leopard go after a python, anaconda, or another massive snake; one wrong move and the snake will start to constrict. The “death squeeze” of the anaconda, for instance, can crush bones and quickly asphyxiate its victim. While snakes will try to run before they try to fight, they’ll turn on their attackers when provoked.With that said, these clips are mostly one sided. The big cats are able to navigate their way around their prey, attacking blind spots and exhausting the snakes. Eventually, the cats close in and deliver the fatal blow via a swipe of their claws or a bite to the neck.That’s not always what happens. One older clip shows a tiger fighting an enormous python. The python manages to start constricting, and from that point, it’s a mortal fight for survival for both predator and prey.

This video is incredible.

While we hate to see animals get hurt (yes, even snakes), there’s no denying that this is fascinating footage. Check it out, but be prepared to see nature at its best and worst.