What Do You Call These Breakfast Cakes?


What Do You Usually Call A Large Group Of People?

A mob
A crowd

If Someone’s Making Fun Of You, They’re…

Clowning me
Stirring up trouble
Putting me on blast

What Would You Say After Bumping Into Something?

Excuse me.
Excuse you.

What Do You Call The Device You Use To Change The Channels On Your TV?

The clicker
The remote/remote control

You Want Some Coffee, So You Tell Your Friends…

Let’s get a cup of joe.
Let’s get some coffee.
Let’s hit Starbucks.
Let’s get some Dunkin’.

What Do You Call The Circular Drive That Replaces A Four-Way Stop In High-Traffic Areas?

A traffic circle
A roundabout

How Do You Use The Word Busted?

To describe something that doesn’t work
To describe something of poor quality

What’s A Buggy?

A shopping cart
That thing you put on a horse

What Do You Call A Sugar-Filled Carbonated Drink?

Soda pop

You Need To Give Your Friend Directions. You Might Say…

“Take freeway __.”
“Take the __.”
“Take highway __.”
“Take the main road, then…”

Your Friend Really Came Through For You, So You Say That He…

Came through big time
Really nailed it
Came up clutch
Is solid as a rock

Something’s Lame, So You Call It…


What Do You Call A Public Water Faucet?

A drinking fountain
A water fountain

If Something’s Sad, It’s…

A downer
A drag
Messed up

What Do You Call These Little Things That You Use To Top Your Ice Cream?


What Do You Usually Call The Dish On The Left?

A hot dish
A casserole

What Does “Post Up” Mean?

To wait somewhere
To build something

What Do You Call Your Male Friend?


What Does Dank Mean?

Musty or smelly

Do You Use The Term Faucet Or Spigot?


What Would You Say If Someone Looks Good?

“Your clothes are on point.”
“You’re rocking that.”
“You’re pretty as a peach.”
“You look nice.”

What Happens When Things Go Catawampas?

I’ve never heard that term.
They go crazy.

You Point Out A Friend’s Mistake. You’Re…

Calling them out
Calling BS

What’S A Whoopensocker?

I have no idea.
Something crazy

How Do You Ask Your Friend What’s Going On?

“What’s poppin’?”
“What’s crackin’?”
“What’s up?”
“What’s shakin’?”

What Do You Call A Really Nice, Well-Outfitted Car?

A whip

If Something’s Crazy, It’s…


What Phrase Or Word Might You Use To Emphasize Something?

I gotta say…
I swaney…

You Stub Your Toe. What Do You Yell?


Someone Tells You To “Shut The Front Door.” What Are They Really Saying?

Shut the door.
Stop talking.

If Someone’s Doing Something Wrong, They’Re…

Barking up the wrong tree
Headed down the wrong path
Far off
Messing up big-time

What Do You Call Your Pants?


Two Buildings Are Offset From One Another At About 45 Degrees. They’re…


What Do You Call Candy That Comes On A Stick?

A sucker
A lollipop

How Would You Use The Word Mint?

To describe something that’s in great condition
To describe a taste

What Do You Call Those Little Bugs That Light Up The Summer Sky?

Lightning bugs

What Are Greens?

A salad
Collard greens (or the green part of another plant)

What’S Do You Call This?

A commode
A toilet

If Someone’s Mad, You Might Say…

They’re flying off the handle.
They have no chill.

How Do You Usually Use The Word Davenport?

That’s a city, right?
To describe a couch

You Need To Tell A Friend To Be Patient. You Say…

“Simmer down.”
“Be cool.”
“Hold your horses.”

You Want Someone To Call You Later, So You Say…

“Get back at me.”
“Hit me up.”
“Holler at me.”
“Hit me back.”

Your Dad’s Trying To Be Cool, And He Uses Outdated Slang. He Might Say…

“That’s sweet.”
“That’s wicked.”
“That’s rad.”
“That’s groovy.”

What Do You Call The Casual Shoes You Wear For General Athletic Activities?

Tennis shoes

What Do You Call One Of Those Public Roads Where You Can Drive Really Fast?

A highway
A freeway

How Would You Use The Word Mad?

To intensify another word (for instance, “mad smart”)
To describe an angry or insane person

How Would You Express To Someone That You Agree With Them?

“Hell yeah.”
“You betcha.”
“Right on.”

How Do You Tell Someone To Keep Talking?

“Go on.”
“Keep going.”
“I’m with you.”

You’re Lounging Around Your Home, Watching Some Tv. You’re…

Kicking it
Hanging out

You’re from the East Coast.

Maybe you’re a New Yorker, or maybe you’re from Boston—either way, your word choice indicates that you’re more familiar with the Atlantic than the Pacific. You fold your pizza, you know what “janky” means, and you’re wicked smart.

You’re from the Midwest.

You’ve seen more than a few cornfields in your time, and based on your vocabulary, you’re a proud Midwesterner. Your slang is colorful, don’tcha know, and you know the value of a good hot dish potluck.

You’re from the West Coast.

Based on your word choice, you’re from the Best Coast. You’re a trendsetter, and that means you’re hella awesome. You take the freeway, and you’re definitely not basic. Nice, bruh.

You’re from the South.

Southern slang is basically its own language, and you speak it. You know that “bless your heart” is secretly an insult, and when you get angry, you’re madder than a wet hen. You were fixin’ to get this result, and you got it.

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