10 Weird Stock Photos We Found, Then Attempted To Explain

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If you’ve ever been in a pinch and needed some images for a blog post or school project, you’ve most likely turned to a stock photo site to help out. While some of the more well-known sites like iStock or Getty Images offer high-quality photos for almost any situation, some of the free sites have, uh, less of a filter.

Pixabay is an amazing site offering over 1.8 million stock photos and videos for free. Pixabay also has some of the weirdest stock images we’ve ever seen. Join us as we gaze at them and wonder what the hell people were thinking.

Cutting Pepperoni with Razor Blades

These two photos make us deeply, deeply uncomfortable, and we can’t think of a situation that would call for them.

Green jalapeno being sliced with a razor blade, and it's reflection seen on the table underneath

Image by Werner B. from PixabayWe aren’t sure why anyone would need a highly reflective jalapeno being sliced with a razor blade, but here we are. It’s only made better by it’s fraternal image twin; apparently, Werner B. finished touching up that first photograph, then thought, “hey, why not cover everything in water?”

Red chili pepper covered in water droplet, being sliced with a razor blade
Image by Werner B. from Pixabay

Both of these images are titled “pepperoni (color) sharp,” which adds a whole additional layer of weirdness. Neither of these peppers are, in fact, pepperoni. Also, if you’re going to cut up a pepper, use a knife. Only use a razor blade if you’re shaving your pepper, and no, we are not going to Google that combination of words.

Dreamscapes on a Tiny, Stupid Island

This next one is called “Dreams Surreal.” We might have called it “Surreal Dreams,” but putting “Surreal” after the noun makes it, y’know, artistic. In any case, it delivers.

Floating island of grass, with an elephant acting as a crossing guard, and a giaraffe driving a car
Image by ejaugsburg from Pixabay

Who doesn’t need this elephant crossing guard, monitoring the traffic of driving giraffes on a small floating island? We feel safer knowing those floating island streets are being watched so diligently. We’re not too happy with the giraffe, though. Who needs to drive on an island that small? If there was ever a situation that called for pedestrian commuting, it’s this one right here.

 The Pepperoni Returns

This one might be more confusing than the first two pepper images, but we can sort of see where they got the inspiration.

Hand holding a peeled banana, instead of the fruit the top of a hot pepper in in the peel
Image by ejaugsburg from Pixabay

We’re guessing that the creator is doing a play on the word “banana pepper,” but the visual symbolism would be a bit stronger if they’d actually used a banana pepper. In any case, we hope the banana didn’t go to waste.


We get that this image is supposing some kind of socio-political commentary. That’s about where our understanding ends. What’s with the background? Why not change the colors so that the two image halves line up? Why is the wooden man smiling? Why is the wooden man smiling?

Wooden figure doll buried underground, with it's nose pointing up to the surface, and turns into the Washington Monument
Image by ejaugsburg from Pixabay

Depicting Emotion(?)

Sometimes finding the perfect image to match the tone or emotion of a specific situation can be tough. Luckily, this photo exists. It’s really everything we’ve ever wanted in a photo.

Man straining his neck, with something in between his teeth, and a small flame coming from this thing in his teeth
Image by Angela Yuriko Smith from Pixabay

Of course, you can’t really tell what’s in this man’s mouth, but it’s causing fire. Fire makes man angry. Angry man spits flame. Angry man bites rock. It’s perfectly straightforward.

This one is another helpful image for when you’re stuck trying to correctly capture the deep emotions of a moment.

Cat looking bored at the camera, with a strange safe clown doll next to the cat
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

That cat is definitely depressed. Join the club, kitty.

Never search for mouths.

Oh, did you need a red delicious apple with a smiling human mouth, set on the ground near a woolly mammoth, nestled among rolling hills and a few trees? Yes? Perfect.

A red apple with a human smiling mouth in its center, set on the ground next to a woolly mammoth, all among rolling hills with two trees in the background
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Seriously, searches for teeth or mouths always brings up the weirdest stuff. We really want to make this one…stop.

Human ear with the inner bump closest to the face turned into a different person's nose and mouth
Image by Thomas Wolter from Pixabay


Sometimes you find a perfectly photographed donut with a bite taken out of it, dripping filling onto Christmas lights, sitting on an outdoor railing. And when you find such a photo, you write and entire article around it.

Donut with bite taken out of the, sitting on a railing, dripping filling onto xmas lights.
Photo by Andrea Tummons on Unsplash

This one is actually from Unsplash, not Pixabay. It’s just so good we had to include it. Stay tuned for next week’s article, 6 Ways to Annoy Your Donut-Loving Neighbors During the Holidays.




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