The New Orleans Pelicans, armed with a young, versatile roster led by one of the most dynamic players in the league in Anthony Davis, have floundered again this season. Thought to have a bounce-back season this year by basketball pundits, the Pelicans have been struck with injuries throughout their roster, most of the injuries have sidelined their players, Davis included, for the season. One voodoo priest thinks he has the answer as to what is plaguing the franchise – a curse. 

That’s right, a New Orleans-based voodoo practitioner by the name of Belfezaar Ashantison thinks the Pelicans have been “jinxed,” stating, “I do believe, honestly, that they are jinxed, for lack of a better word. I think there’s a negative energy that keeps surrounding them.”

Now the idea might seem far-fetched, but don’t be surprise if the rumor picks up steam, especially with Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry making jokes about needing a “voodoo doctor” to shake the team out of its funk. And as expected, that led to many practitioners offering to help the franchise out with their services. Now the reasons aren’t certain for the team’s misfortunes, but let’s just hope there aren’t any supernatural forces at work.