Everyone knows smartphones can text, call, and play Angry Birds, but that’s not all it can do. In fact, there are several useful things that your phone can do that you probably aren’t using at all. To get the most out of your phone, be sure you are using it to its fullest.

1. Your phone can double as a microscope.

The camera on your phone can actually be used to see tiny things that are invisible to the naked eye. It requires you to buy a special lens that costs about $25, but once it’s on your phone it can be magnified to get 100 times closer to a particular object.

2. You can secretly eavesdrop on other people.

If you’re want to secretly listen in on a conversation, your phone can help with that. With just a few changes to your phone’s settings, you can turn your phone into a spy device.

Just put your phone on silent and set the screen to black, enable Auto-Answer, place your phone next to the people you want to listen to, and give it a call. You’ll be able to hear them loud and clear without their knowledge.

3. Taking underwater photos.

Many phones now are waterproof, making them great for snapping shots underwater. If you have an older model, it’s still possible to use your phone for underwater pictures.

You’ll just need to wrap your phone in polyethylene, making sure that it’s wrapped securely. It might look a little strange, but it can be taken safely underwater. If that sounds too complicated, you can also put a condom over your phone and tie up the end.

4. Creating holograms.

This one requires some ingenuity, but your phone can actually project holograms. If you have an old jewel case from a CD, a glass cutter, some graph paper, and tape, you can make a tool that will actually project holograms from your phone.

5. Getting more life from your phone.

As phones age, they hold less and less of a charge. What people may not realize is that dust in your phone’s power jack may be the reason it’s not getting enough juice.

To clear out this dust, fill a syringe with air and blow it into your phone jack. It will clear out any dust and may help extend your phone’s life.

6. Using your face to unlock your phone.

Phone security is vital. Most people use a PIN or a swipe pattern to unlock, but there’s a way to keep your phone even more secure. If you have an Android, you can set up a Face Unlock security screen that will only allow you (and other authorized users) to unlock your phone.

To do this, just go into your Security menu and find the Screen Lock option. Choose Face Lock and you’ll have a completely secure phone.

7. Permanently locking your phone.

If you lose your phone or have it stolen, you can go nuclear and permanently lock your phone. To do this, you’ll need to know the phone’s IMEI. To find that, just dial *#06# and write the number down. If your phone is ever lost, call your cell phone provider and have them lock it permanently. That will make your stolen phone completely worthless to the thieves.