Only the best will do for your little fluffy pal.

Sometimes the best stuff takes a little digging, though.

We scoured the corners of the pet-net to uncover some items that will thrill you and your animal companion—or at least make your lives easier. Some are incredibly practical, some are just a lot of fun, but all of them have been underrated until now.

If you need a birthday present for your dog or cat, look no further.

1. Wall-Mounted Fabric Cat Maze

Cats love two things: scratching fabric surfaces and climbing to the highest point in the room.

Satisfy both of your feline’s deepest desires with this easy-to-install set of cat hammocks. You can even pick your own color to match your cat’s favorite room.

Though it comes in at $200, it’s really doing double duty keeping your cats entertained while also serving as an interesting bit of decor. Totally worth the money. Get yours here.

2. Nature’s Miracle Urine Cleaner

The true miracle of nature is that the only pets who don’t have an occasional accident are the ones who are peeing on your stuff on purpose. Every pet owner needs to get hip to Nature’s Miracle.

This stuff uses a powerful blend of enzymes that obliterate pee stains. It’s the only cleaning product that we’ve ever known to actually remove the odor of cat urine.

If Fluffy occasionally marks your bed to register a complaint, you need to stock up with a few bottles. It really is miraculous! Get a gallon of it here for just $14.

3. The Doggie Drinking Fountain

On hot summer days, dogs have to stay hydrated. This fountain attaches directly to your hose to provide a steady stream of cool water when used outdoors; it also filters the water to keep out anything that may fall in.

This is a great way to make sure your dog always has plenty of fresh water, and it’s way more fun than a metal bowl. Get yours for your parched pup here for $65.

4. A Turntable for Your Cat

Here’s one for the cat-loving DJs out there. Some genius out there made a scratching pad shaped like a turntable.

The dense cardboard platter spins just like the real thing, providing hours of fun for cats who love to scratch. Just don’t put actual records on it. Those records will not survive. Get yours here for $24.

5. An Edible “Toothbrush” for Dogs

Greenies dog treats taste great, if you’re a dog. We haven’t tasted them ourselves, but we don’t imagine they’d be great for humans.

Anyway, these things double as an oral care system for canines. As your dog chows down, this delicious natural treat scrubs the puppy’s teeth like an electric toothbrush. They even help to control stinky dog breath!

As if that weren’t enough, Greenies are packed with vitamins and minerals that’ll help keep your best friend healthy. Again, though, we don’t recommend that you try them yourself.

Get a 36-ounce pack here for $13. You can also get a 27-ounce pack of weight management Greenies here for $15. Both the regular and weight management treats are available in a variety of sizes for all the pups!

6. A Hammock for Your Cat’s Favorite Nook

When your cats aren’t seeking out the highest point in the room, they’re probably carving out a little cave under your favorite chair. Now there’s a way to make that place even more comfortable for your feline.

The Cat Crib is a tiny hammock that straps to the legs of your chair. If you’ve ever slept away an afternoon in a nice big hammock, you know what a treat your kitty’s in for when you bring home this accessory.

Get yours here (in a choice of three colors) for $20.

7. A Leash That Attaches to a Bicycle

Some dog breeds need a lot of exercise—like, more than most owners can keep up with. One solution is to take your dog for a nice long run while you enjoy a relaxing bicycle ride.

This bicycle dog leash from Walky Dog attaches firmly to the seat of your bike to leave your hands free for steering. Its three-part design prevents your dog from running out in front of you, thus keeping you both safe. When you’ve reached your destination, you can detach the leash to proceed on foot. Nice!

Get yours here for $60.

8. A Cat’s Garden

Kitties are sometimes in the mood for a green salad. Treat them to a nice, fresh patch of cat grass with the Catit Senses 2.0 Grass Planter.

Unlike a regular old flower pot, this planter allows cat grass to grow through a special grate that prevents Fluffy from digging in the soil below. It also has a special wide base to prevent it from being knocked over. Any other pot of cat grass will probably end up sideways when your kitty gets excited. Not this one.

Get yours here for just $15.

9. Puppy Training Pads

House-training a puppy isn’t easy. Cleaning up after an untrained puppy is even worse. We wouldn’t dream of fostering a puppy without stocking up on training pads  first. We’ll give you three guesses as to what skill these absorbent, odor-eliminating sheets are for.

But training pads aren’t just for puppies. Some older dogs also develop incontinence, and these pads can help make everyone’s life more dignified.

Get 150 pads here for just $25—the best $25 you’ll ever spend.

10. Video Games for Cats

These days, even the family pet gets her own iPad. Cat treat producers Friskies set up a website where you can download a collection of games that your cats will love.

There’s also something in it for humans. These games are totally free!

Objects react to your cat’s paws, entertaining them for those times when you’re just too tired to break out the laser pointer. These cats are wired!

11. A Robot That Plays Fetch

What do you do when you’ve had enough of the game of fetch but your dog wants to keep playing? Invite a robot to step in.

The iFetch ball launcher can take over when your arm needs a rest. It automatically sends tennis balls across the lawn. Your pet will quickly learn that when he drops the balls back in this machine, it will launch another ball. It creates a potentially infinite game of fetch, which for some dogs is basically doggy paradise.

Get it here for $115 and give your arm a much-needed break.

12. The Greatest Cat Toy in the World

When we first got our kitties a cat toy called Da Bird, we figured they would treat it just like all their other playthings. Boy, were we wrong.

We’re not sure what it is about Da Bird that fascinates felines so much. Maybe it’s the twisting motion of the feathers at the tip. Maybe it’s the prey-like twitching of the short nylon string. Whatever it is, this quickly became our feline family’s favorite toy.

Get yours here for just under $10.

13. The Most Portable Water Bowls Ever

When you and Fido go for long outdoor excursions, you should bring enough water for you both. Instead of hauling around a big, bulky water bowl, though, you can fill your wallet with these paper-thin dog bowls.

They’re called Doggie Drinklets, and they are to your dog what your Nalgene is to you. Stock up before summer gets here.

Get a pack of five here for under $12.

14. Turn Your Cat’s Water Bowl Into a Bubbling Brook

Cats have evolved to prefer moving water. If you’ve ever seen your cat drink out of the faucet, that’s why.

Encourage your cats to hydrate by installing the PetSafe Drinkwell Hy-Drate water pump in any water bowl. It sticks to the side of the bowl and shoots water through a strong carbon filter that removes tiny particles and chlorine, which will improve the water’s taste, at least to a cat.

Even better, it keeps the water moving. That appeals to your kitty’s instinct to go for fresh, running water, and might help them stay hydrated for a long day of sitting in the sunshine.

Get yours here for $20.

15. Affordable Dog Poop Bags

It’s not glamorous, but for urban dog owners, poop bags are a fact of life. You can’t really trust used shopping bags. The first time you discover a hole in one of those will be enough to put you off of them for life.

Fortunately, AmazonBasics offers an affordable set of plastic bags that you can rely on. You get almost a thousand of these things along with a compact, portable bag holder that attaches to your leash.

Get your 900 bags here for just under $14!

These products may not all be fun, but they’re sure to make everyone’s life easier.