Nothing lasts forever, especially in the world of television.

If your show doesn’t get good ratings, it won’t last, even if critics and core fans really, really love it.

Networks just announced their cancellations for their 2017 schedules, and people weren’t exactly happy to see some of their favorite shows get cut. The good news is that some of these might find new life elsewhere—but we wouldn’t count on it.

Here’s a look at a few of the most surprising cancellations.

2 Broke Girls

The sitcom starred Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, and although it was routinely roasted by critics, it had a solid following. Sometimes billed as a modern take on Laverne & Shirley, the show developed a decent audience, particularly during its third and fourth seasons.

Unfortunately, CBS has announced its cancellation, citing declining ratings and the need to clear space for new shows.

Girl Meets World

Fans of Boy Meets World had high expectations for this sequel, which followed the offspring of Cory and Topanga Matthews. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel returned for the Disney Channel project, which ran for three seasons.

Disney decided not to renew the show for a fourth season, but there was a fan campaign underway for a while to get another network—or a streaming service like Netflix—to pick it up. That’s not going to happen, according to series co-creator Michael Jacobs. Sorry, ’90s kids: We’ve officially seen the last of Corey, Topanga, and the gang.

Last Man Standing

Contrary to what you might’ve heard on social media, there’s no evidence whatsoever that this Tim Allen family sitcom was cancelled for political reasons (Allen’s character on the show is a conservative). The executives at ABC have certainly known about Allen’s political views for a while.

The real reason? When a show gets past its fifth season, its cast and crew usually receives big pay bumps, according to Snopes. If the show isn’t a massive hit, it’s not always worth the expense.

There is some good news for Last Man Standing fans, as 20th Century Fox owns the property. The company is reportedly shopping it around in hopes of attracting another network, so there’s a decent chance that we haven’t seen the last of this show.

The Odd Couple

This CBS sitcom was a remake of the classic ’70s series, but it wasn’t nearly as successful. Critics noted the miscasting of Matthew Perry as Oscar Madison and Thomas Lennon as Felix Unger, with some arguing that the roles should have been reversed.

Hopefully, the series’ cancellation will allow both of its talented leads to pursue other—better—projects.


This Fox drama followed a young female pitcher as she strives to become the first woman in Major League Baseball. It had an interesting concept and excellent casting, with critics lauding the performance of series lead Kylie Bunbury.

But although the first 10 episodes seemed promising, the show couldn’t pick up the audience it needed for a second season. Sadly, it’ll remain stranded on first.

Scream Queens

Horror TV is a fickle thing; audiences were drawn in by the camp of American Horror Story, so the Scream Queens writers figured that they’d just amplify the campy factors in their serial killer horror-comedy.

That didn’t pay off, and Scream Queens won’t make it past its second season, thanks to low ratings.

For a full list of all cancellations, check out this handy resource from the Los Angeles Times.