11 Tricks That Just Might Save Your Life

Hopefully, you won’t ever have to use any of these self-defense hacks. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, though, you’ll be glad you took the time to prepare.

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1. If someone points a weapon at you and demands your wallet, throw it a few feet away.

Most muggers are just after the money. Sure, it will be a pain to cancel your credit cards, but as your assailant goes for the goods, you’ll have a chance to run away, preferably screaming.

2. Speaking of screaming, don’t hesitate to do it if someone attacks you.

Try yelling “Call 911!” or just “Help!” These words will call attention, and potentially a rescuer. They’ll also make your attacker eager to get the heck out of the area.

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3. Go for the ears.

Even if you don’t have any self-defense training, you might be able to fight off someone who wishes you harm just by tugging on an ear. The ear is particularly sensitive, and it’s right there, sticking out like the tab of a soda can.

4. Kick your attacker in the knee.

If you catch the back of the knee, it might cause an assailant’s legs to buckle. That’ll bring them right down. If you hit the front of the knee, you might cause enough damage to be able to get away. It’s much harder to chase someone with an injured leg.


5. Kick ’em in the crotch.

This is obvious, but it might not occur to you in a moment of panic. Remember: A swift kick where it counts will drop any man.

6. If you think you’re being followed, lead your follower to the nearest public place.

If that public place is a police station, all the better. Just don’t be caught alone with someone who might wish to do you harm.


7. If someone makes you feel unsafe in an elevator, press every button you can.

The doors will open at each stop. This will give you time to escape. It might even let on other passengers. Criminals are unlikely to act when there are witnesses nearby.

8. During a home invasion, your kitchen is the safest place to be.

Kitchens are full of weapons. Go for the biggest, sharpest knives you have, and don’t forget to call 911. You don’t want to cut someone if you don’t have to, even if they are invading your property.

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9. Gouge the eyes.

This one hurts to even think about. A sharp poke in the eye should be enough to convince your attacker that he chose the wrong prey.

10. If none of these tips work, and someone forces you into a vehicle, start throwing your belongings all over the place.

The police can use these clues to track you down. You probably want to hold onto your cell phone, though; you might find a chance to call for help.


11. Forehead, meet nose.

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-placed headbutt. Smash your opponent’s nose with your forehead and they won’t have any fight left in them.

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