If you can’t fight the urge to fidget, don’t. Instead treat yourself to some fun toys that can help you keep your focus.

If you’re not a fidgeter, you probably know one. Maybe it’s your roommate who’s constantly tapping their foot as they listen to music or browse the internet. For others, it might be that coworker who relentlessly clicks their pen day in and day out while they work. Whether it’s for you or someone else, this list of gadgets that Buzzfeed put together can help with the endless need to keep your hands busy.

This Bike Chain

Disclaimer: This isn’t a functional bike chain, but it is one that can help you take the edge off.

 It’s about the size of two quarters, and the interlocking design allows you to smoothly slide, roll, and twist to your fidgety heart’s content. Despite it being made of metal, it’s also surprisingly silent and discreet thanks to the silicone rings.

Pick one up here for $11.

This Keychain

If you’re a fidgeter who loves eating edamame, let us introduce you to your perfect product.

Not only is it adorable, but the design allows you to squeeze the beans out of their pod over and over again.

Get one here for $12.

These Beads 

There’s no “right” way to use Begleri beads—you kind of just toss them between your fingers as you see fit.

The beads are made of solid brass, and they’re set between a piece of string, which can be customized to whatever length you choose. When everything is put together, you can play with the beads themselves, the string, or just twirl everything between your fingers.

Get the ones above from J.L. Lawson & Co for $55 or on Amazon for $24.

This Pen

As a pen, this is one that looks unlike any you’ve ever seen before—that’s because it deconstructs into your own personal desk statue.

The pieces of the pen are made of strong magnets that are stable enough to stay in place while you write but easy enough to pull apart when you need to forget about work for a second and create your own little masterpiece.

Get one here for $18.

This Spinner 

This handheld gear contains three spinning wheels that you can turn with your finger.

If that’s not your speed, you can also roll the device on a table or spin the entire thing between your palms.

Get one here for $22.

This Gyroscope

This device is super simple but also colorful and fun—it can even be used by children as young as 3 years old.

You can play with the toy when it’s flat, spinning it around as a disk in your hand, or you can choose to flip and spin each ring within it.

Get one here for $15.

This Small Chain

This chain is a super simple toy, but it’s one with a few different possibilities.

It opens in the center of the links to make a circle, and you can play with it by opening and closing the hole to create new shapes. You can also try just spinning the links between your fingers, almost as if it’s a gear.

Get one here for $13.

This Bendy Pen

If you like to keep your hands busy while you think, then this pen is for you.

It’s fully functional but comes with a number of different attached gadgets to help you focus. The pen itself can bend, and there’s another piece attached to it that can bend as well. There are also magnetic balls that you can spin around the pen or flip back and forth.

Get one from their Kickstarter for $44.

This Supersoft Sand

Kinetic sand is a dry sand that mimics the feeling and properties of wet sand.

While that might not seem all that exciting, the feeling is something that’s pretty incredible. The sand is soft and moldable, so you can squish it around to your heart’s content

Get some here for $17.

These Building Sticks

Jeliku are essentially thin sticks that can be used to create any shape you want. They can also be made into different structures, giving you a little more room for creativity than your standard toy building block.

This isn’t exactly something you could play with while at work or school, but it’d be a great distraction for kids while you’re waiting for an appointment.

Get it here for just over $6.

This Hinge Toy

Although it’s meant to be a puzzle, this toy could also be used as a distraction for fidgeters.

The toy comes with challenge cards that give you a specific pattern—your task is to then move the toy around until you can make it match the pattern on the card. If that’s not appealing, you can just flip the pieces around to keep your hands busy.

Get it here for $13.

These Chain Links

This small toy is a fidgeter’s dream that can be kept right in your pocket. 

It’s a small ball made of interlocked aluminum hoops that you can separate with your fingertips or just swirl between your fingers or the palms of your hands.

Get one here in whatever color you like for $5.

These Pencils

If you have a child who has attention issues, this is the pencil for you.

Each one has a screw-like object attached to it that can be twisted up and down the pencil as many times as you want for as long as you like. In between writing, you can use it to refocus and clear your mind.

Get a set of four here for $6.

These Tangled Toys

These rubber toys are not only cute and colorful, but they’ll also encourage your child’s creative side.

Each toy is made of multiple pieces that can be connected and disconnected as you see fit, making all sorts of shapes and color patterns as you go.

Get a set of three for $9.

This Sketch Pad

This sketch pad is essentially the adult version of your childhood Etch A Sketch.

It’s called a Buddha Board, and it uses only water to help you create any picture you want. The best part is that you can easily erase anything you draw and start over anytime you want.

Get one here for $28.

This Sand Garden

If you’ve never played with one of these tiny sandboxes before, you’re missing out.

It comes with a tiny rake that allows you to create patterns in the sand, which is not only soothing but somehow endlessly entertaining. Be prepared, though—keep this on your desk and you’ll be guaranteed to have visitors wanting to use it.

Get one here for $20.

This Doll

The Dammit Doll is a toy that’s meant as sort of a gag gift for adults, but it really does serve its intended purpose quite well.

It’s a durable doll that’s meant to be squeezed, thrown against a wall, banged on a desk, or stomped on to let out all of your frustrations. Although we question if it’s the healthiest thing to do, that energy needs to go somewhere, right?

Get one here for $13.

This Handheld Spinner

This toy is meant not only to occupy your hands, but also to strengthen your wrist.

As you twist the ball inside, the tension within the spinner builds, requiring more and more strength to twist it further. Do it long enough and it becomes a test to see how far you can take it.

Get one here for $22.

This Shifter

Even people who don’t consider themselves fidgeters will want this keychain for themselves.

It’s designed like the gear stick of a car, and it’s actually functional. You can move the lever to each different slot within the toy just like a real stick shift—you could even just get it for the car lover in your life.

Get one from Amazon for $8.

This Bubble Wrap Keychain

Whether you’re someone who fidgets or someone who loves to pop bubble wrap—seriously, who isn’t?—you need this keychain.

The best part is that you don’t have to order something to get more wrap to pop, as the bubbles refill themselves for endless popping.

Get one here for $13.

This Marble

Who knew one single marble could be such a fun toy?

It’s enclosed in a small piece of mesh, which allows you to push it back and forth forever without it slipping away. The casing also comes in multiple colors, so you can pick whichever suits your mood that day.

Get a 10-pack for $13.

The Rubik’s Cube

Some of us have already accepted the fact that we will probably never be able to solve one of these puzzles, but they have more benefit than just being a brain teaser.

If you need to focus on something but don’t need to use your hands, a Rubik’s cube is great to twist and turn to help keep yourself focused.

Get the classic toy here for $8.

This Ring

This might look like any ordinary ring, but it’s actually more special than it appears.

Within the silver bands on the outside of the ring is a separate colored band that you can spin. Bonus—not only does this give us mood ring vibes, but you can also get it for less than a dollar.

Get one here for 99 cents.