Nick Cannon is using his voice to address the American political machine during this election season. The comedian touches on a range of topics frustrating voters today even calling politicians battle rappers, “they swear they spittin that hot shit.” 

Nothing stops a bullet like a job is the realest statement in the super relevant piece of spoken word. Cannon continues suggesting, “that we give this country back to the original owners the Native Americans.”

Check out the power political statement below:

Too Broke to Vote

#SpokenSunday #TooBrokeToVote #poetryToo Broke to VoteEverybody I know say they too broke to voteWith all that heavy slave mentally we could've broke the boatNobody cares about meNobody cares about my familyNobody cares about my folksSo Nobody gets my voteNobody for PresidentThat's my campaign sloganWe got money for wars but can't feed our homelessThe government is hopelessIt's like a reality showThe Real lives of the house liarsStarring Anglo Saxon ChristiansChange the channel sound like a bunch of arguing bitchesSwitch up,the game-showAMERICAS Next top corrupt judicial systemFor instance, I'm saying look at my optionsVoting for office is like picking out which Gun you wanna get shot wit.These politicians think they battle rappersAnd they swear they spitting that hotshit!Gun control, abortionCivil liberties, extortionenergy, the economyImmigration and global warmingBut I ain't feeling the burnAnd hell naw I'll never get trumpedThe Clintons had they chance with me, they reason my cuzn still locked upMass incarceration it's still fucked up3 strikes, 25 to life, nigga good luckFuck yo FutureFuck yo daddyFuck yo rightsFuck yo mentalityIn Actuality, the constitution said I was just 3 5ths of a manWhat's stopping them from saying that again?The top 3 percentOver the 13th amendmentMinus the 40 acres plus the rest of my reparationsYeah They doing that newGovernment mathWater gate to White waterCall that a government baththe law was we couldn't even use the same bathroomBack then where was your government at?Behind our backs, ingesting crack in it upYup, the government laughBut in our face they wanna cry and sobAnd wonder why we shoot and RobBut guess what? nothing stops a bullet, like a jobAnd we Can't elect without no collegeAnd don't even get me started about the electoral collegeLet's be honest!Thats how they really choose the president and that's facts!They got y'all confused with these views from republicans and democratsLiberal or conservative, Man I ain't none of that.I'm hungry,Nigga, where the money at?Cuz I'm too broke to voteI'm too broke to copeI ain't trying to check no ballotsI'm trying to check this balance on these checking accountsY'all being carefulDouble checking it countsBut Just like Florida it's gonna be another miscountAnd once they get to this amount they gonna try to dismount.Flip sides back and forth it'sPolitical gymnasticsLike Olympic acrobatsGo for the Gold cuz that's who makes the rulesAnd all this pageantry is just designed for foolsThey gonna give you the one they chooseTo Big to failTo Rich to loseAnd I'm still to broke to voteSo how do we fix this shit then.Give her awayIn the EndIs where it begins. So I vote we Return the country back to its original owners THE Native Americans!

Posted by Nick Cannon on Sunday, March 20, 2016