5 Tips For Women That Will Keep Men Hooked

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There’s a fine line between expressing your interest in a man and making your world revolve around his. Keeping your own interests and schedule will prove that you’re an independent woman who doesn’t necessarily need a man to be happy.

The key to keeping a man hooked lies in maintaining your own life that he wants to be a part of. If you create your own interesting world, you’ll attract new friends, acquaintances, and romantic partners. Here are five ways you can keep a potential partner hooked on you.

1. Don’t text back immediately if you’re busy.

This isn’t about playing games. It’s simply about keeping your priorities and having your own life.


Finish doing whatever activity you’re doing, and then text your love interest back. Explain the delay by sharing details about whatever you were doing. It’ll give you something to talk about, and it’ll show that you have you have an interesting life.

2. Don’t constantly update your social media.

Sharing photos of every meal and every activity on social media can send the wrong message. People who do this can seem vain and dependent on others for validation.


Better yet, directly text your crush a photo every once in a while. He’ll feel special that you thought of him and went through the effort. The photo will also be a special thing that just the two of you share.

3. Stay off of his social media as well.

Of course, this isn’t an ironclad rule. Writing a nice message occasionally lets him know you’re interested in him.


However, if you write too much, it can seem like you’re being territorial. This is a bad thing at any point in a relationship, but it’s especially bad in the very beginning. Like all things, messages will be more special when they are less frequent.

4. Take a break from texting back and forth.

If your crush wants to text for an extended amount of time, see if he wants to hang out. If he just wants to text, he may just be killing time while he does other things.


Now, there’s nothing wrong with texting back and forth for a while. It helps build a rapport without the pressures of a face-to-face conversation. Just don’t be his go-to time killer every time he gets bored. Otherwise, you may find yourself limited to that role in his life.

5. Make him pursue you.

Again, this is about you living your life, not about playing a game. Instead of doing everything you can to interact with him, let him know you’re interested and go about your day.


People who are busy and active are much more attractive than those who cling to someone at first sight. Men love the challenge of pursuing a woman and convincing her that he’s good enough for her. 

None of these rules are set in stone. Sometimes, you fall in love and just have to tell that person. You’ll never go wrong if you put your own life first and don’t let your world revolve around someone else.

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