This woman figured out a way to keep girls away from her beau.

It involves a massive t-shirt, and…well, you can see the picture.It’s quickly gone viral, with over 2 million views on Imgur. It’s also on Facebook, “The Daily Mail,” and pretty much anywhere else you look. We can’t decide whether this is funny or creepy, but we suppose it could be both. The look on the guy’s face is unbelievable, although as one Imgur user points out, “it’s better than a Tap-Out shirt.” Of course, it has spawned a couple of memes, which we’ll get too shortly.

This is apparently a picture of the girlfriend in the photo.

We say “apparently” because we can’t confirm it, but it’s posted to a Facebook page called “Your Psycho GF.” If you start following the page, you get dozens of weird messages asking who you are and why you’re trying to steal her man.Well, not really, but that would be awesome. In addition to this meme, the original picture spawned some parodies.

This face swap is probably our favorite take on it.

When you switch the faces, it really shows you how—ah, let’s be honest, it doesn’t show you anything. It’s just hilarious. There are a bunch of comments about how the guy needs to “step up” and take control of his life, but realistically, we don’t know anything about this couple. We do know that they both have a decent sense of humor, so we’ll leave it at that. Of course, there’s always the possibility that she’s actually insane and he posted this as a cry for help…