Crabs are cute. Well, the crab in this clip is cute, anyway.

An employee of Burswood Seafood was out catching the sights in Yallingup, Australia in February 2015. She filmed the water-filled rocks near the sea, and caught sight of a little orange crab. The crab is only about four inches long, from the look of it. It scuttles carefully sideways over the rocks, headed for a nice tide pool. It’s really cautious…it dips a long foot into the water, but doesn’t advance any further. That’s when the octopus strikes! A small, eight-limbed cephalopod darts OUT OF THE WATER and takes the crab on the rock. The animal’s speed is blinding. It certainly took the crab by surprise.

It only takes a few seconds for the octopus to drag the crab into its watery home, where it undoubtedly had itself a fine meal. Many species of octopus inject their prey a paralyzing saliva that ends their struggles, if not, unfortunately, their lives. Octopuses then break their food into small, bite-sized pieces with their sharp beaks. They may even drill a hole into a crab and then suck the soft meat out, like a satisfied diner at Red Lobster. Whether or not that’s the fate that took the crab in this video, we’ll never know. The clip ends with the octopus disappearing into the deep, dragging the crab along with it. The whole video is only 49 seconds long, and once the animals vanish, we don’t see them again.

The video was posted by a woman named Porsche Indrisie, and it has proved wildly popular, with more than 15 million views. Our favorite comment? “That octopus was really feeling crabby that day,” wrote YouTube user USmade. Watch the clip for yourself. It’s truly astounding.