Talent competitions have introduced the world to countless new artists, including Megan Adams and her fellow Poppy Girls, Florence Ransom, Alice Milburn, Bethany Davey, and Charlotte Mellor. The contest these talented young girls participated in wasn’t open to just anyone. Hosted by the Royal British Legion, it was held specifically for the children of military families. These five girls sang their way into the hearts of all who listened and, in the end, united to become the Poppy Girls. One of their first gigs was the greatest honor imaginable: They were invited to perform at the Royal British Legion’s Festival of Remembrance at Royal Albert Hall, which meant an opportunity to sing for Queen Elizabeth II!

The girls moved the crowd with the song “The Call (No Need To Say Goodbye),” but, as incredible as it was to sing before royalty, Adams couldn’t help but think about the man who was missing from the crowd. 

“Now, let me just explain that one of our Poppy Girls has a father currently deployed on operations in the Indian Ocean,” the announcer informed the audience. 

Because he wasn’t due back for another three months, he couldn’t be there that day to hear his daughter’s shining moment…or so Adams thought! Watch to hear what the announcer reveals next (but not before you grab a tissue)!