This will make you never litter again.

The Canal Saint-Martin is among one of the most popular spots for tourists and Parisians alike. It’s quite beautiful and is surrounded by many restaurants and shops, drawing sightseers from all over Europe.

A Cleanup Project

Parisians started an initiative to clean up the canal. People expected to find some garbage under the water, but no one was ready for everything that was uncovered. As the job started, they slowly realized that the cleanup crew had their work cut out for them.

A Strange Phenomenon

Unfortunately, the canal seems to be a magnet for people’s trash. Bikes, watches, televisions, and whatever else you can think of are often found at the bottom of the canal’s waters. As if WHAT they found wasn’t strange enough, you’ll be blown away by the volume of the garbage.

Staggering Totals

To date, over 40 tons of waste, mud, sludge, and trash have been recovered from the bottom of the canal and treated. Bikes, shopping carts, wine bottles, and even VCRs were found littered along the bottom. To put that number in perspective, that weight is the equivalent of over five elephants.