Happily married moms can finally get in on the act of swiping on potential partners. Peanut, a Tinder-esque app for matching moms with similar interests, finally hit the market and it’s gaining in popularity. 

Users enter information about their interests, native language, employment status, and age of their children. Once they complete this preliminary step, Peanut shows them potential matches. Moms can swipe down to pass or up to send a wave to the other mom. 

Peanut is yet another app to help like-minded people find each other. Instead of going to a local park and hoping to strike up a conversation with a potential new friend, moms can cut to the chase and weed out unsuitable matches.

While many people bemoan technology as isolating us because we stare at screens, it’s undeniable that smartphone apps have brought people from all around the world together. Of course, there are platforms like Twitter, which can connect us virtually with people we will never meet. However, there are apps like Tinder, Peanut, Wildcard, and Grouper that facilitate people meeting in real life. 

The advent of Peanut occurred when co-founder and CEO Michelle Kennedy settled down and had a baby. She browsed through her friends’ social media and realized that she was the only one living the quiet life of a parent.

Kennedy wished there was a way to meet up with new friends who shared her sensibilities and the similar schedule and lifestyle of a new parent. Other apps for moms seemed outdated. That’s when she struck upon the idea of a Tinder for moms.

It would be slick, straightforward, and help people in new situations meet for support and friendship. Like many dating apps, Peanut uses a Facebook account to sign up.  

After creating an account, users can add specific signifiers like “single mama” or “special needs.” These descriptors help match mothers who are in similar situations, which can increase the likelihood of a strong match.

Peanut faces the challenge of not having enough users to make itself relevant, but it seems to be turning a corner on that issue.

The app initially rolled out in New York, London, and Los Angeles, but nNow the app is available everywhere, though the big cities still have the largest user bases. As word spreads about the niche product, accounts should increase, and matches should become easier to make.

Peanut can be useful to moms who have moved to new cities, want extra support, or who are looking for playdates for their children. Since the app connects like-minded people, it’s up to the moms to develop relationships further.

Peanut is a godsend to busy moms who don’t have the time or energy to meet friends more organically. It might be hard to meet moms at the playground because they might not be on the market for new friends. 

Peanut is an excellent example of technology filling an important need in connecting people. Lonely moms have always known there were others like them, but now they have an easy way to find and connect with them. Download the Peanut app to get started.