Anyone who has lived in an apartment knows that dealing with noisy neighbors is something that comes with the territory. Most people accept this fact, but some people aren’t so easy-going. Sapphire Curzon, a 24-year-old mother from Britain, has neighbors that certainly fall into the latter category.

She is the mother of a two-year-old son and, like most two year old boys, her son Callum like to run around and play. He likes to play with cars, truck, and building blocks, and occasionally gets a little noisy while doing so.

Sapphire didn’t think much of it until she was served with an ASBO notice, essentially a violation that could result in her eviction.

ABSO stands for Anti-Social Behavior Order. It’s typically given out in the U.K. for drunk driving, rioting, or other behavior deemed deleterious to society. Most people wouldn’t consider a child playing loudly to fall under this order, but apparently her neighbors and the authorities saw it differently.

This first order was essentially a warning that if the behavior continued, she may have to appear in court. Terrified of running afoul of the law, Sapphire now scolds her son constantly from making any noise. She essentially feels like she needs to prevent him from having fun. She feels like a prisoner in her own apartment, but she feels like there is nothing else she can do.

Typically there is some mediation before jumping to the ABSO order. Sapphire said she was aware that her neighbors were annoying, but had no idea it would come to this. She is working with the apartment supervisors to come up with a solution that allows her son to be a normal child without driving the neighbors crazy.

Hopefully, some resolution can be found. No child should be forced to constantly remain silent!