Parents generally should give teachers a lot of latitude in picking assignments. Most of the time, teachers have a good reason for picking certain assignments for their class. Sometimes, however, the teachers cross a line.

That’s exactly what happened with this “cooking” assignment from a middle school in Ontario. A mother was completely outraged and we can’t say that we blame her!

Delight Greenidge is the mother of a middle schooler at Erin Mills Middle School in Mississauga, Ontario. She was reviewing her child’s homework when she came to an assignment for a drama class.

As she read the instruction, her blood began to boil — the assignment gave step-by-step instructions for how to cook and inject crystal meth!

The assignment was part of an acting class in which the children were instructed to “act scared” when making the drug, but “act happy” when injecting it.

Delight struggled to understand how this curriculum was appropriate for 13-year-old children. She immediately contacted the school for an explanation.

When the school reviewed the situation, they were equally outraged. The teacher in question was suspended without pay and they issued an apology to all the parents affected.

They agree that this assignment was not appropriate for a middle school and had no explanation for why the teacher chose it.

Ms. Greenidge is worried that this assignment could influence children to try a very dangerous drug. Teachers have a huge influence on children, and if they tell children that meth will make them “act happy,” she worries that it will pique the children’s interest in the drug.

It could undo a lot of the hard work parents have put into educating their children on the dangers of this drug. She hopes that incident will raise awareness on picking appropriate assignments for children, especially when it comes to drugs.