You spend all day worrying about deadlines, errands, what to make for dinner, and more. Granting yourself a moment of stress relief seems great, but how do you make the time?

Enter Aura Premium, Apple’s new top-rated app, which tailors mindful practices specifically to you in order to make getting some piece-of-mind simple. Normally $399, this lifetime subscription is now only $59.99 in the Urbo Store, a small price to pay for tranquility.

Your stress isn’t identical to anyone else’s, so your stress relief methods shouldn’t be either. Aura is unique in that it uses machine learning to completely cater to your needs. Each day you will get a three-minute guided meditation to help kickstart your mind in addition to stored meditations to access whenever and wherever you want.

This smart app even allows you to track and monitor how you feel, enabling you to visualize when you are at your best and when you may need some extra mindfulness. 

Rather than feel trapped or unable to escape the many obligations and demands you have each day, breathe easy with daily reminders for mindful breathers. Rated Apple’s #1 New App for February 2017, Aura is the solution to life’s daily stresses, and you can get it for 84 percent off in the Urbo Store now.