There is a sharp divide over soft drinks. Some people believe them to be one of the worst foods a person can put into their body, others think a can or two is completely harmless. One man set off to see exactly how his body might change if drank ten cans per day. The results were absolutely staggering.

George Prior is a 50-year-old man from Los Angeles who was in pretty good shape. He worked out regularly, ate well, and would generally be considered fit and healthy. Prior wanted to show the world just how bad sugar was for the body, so he set out to perform a little experiment.

He chose to drink ten cans of Coke a day for 30 days to see what effects, if any, the soda would have on his body.

When he began this challenge, he weight 168 pounds. At the end of the 30 days, he weighed 192 pounds. His flat stomach began to hang over his waistband and his blood pressure skyrocketed to an unhealthy 145/96. That blood pressure level puts him at a higher risk for stroke or heart attack.

Prior also reported feeling intense sugar cravings when he stopped the challenge. He went back to eating healthy, but he found intense cravings for sugar that were very hard to ignore. This probably why people develop a habit of drinking soda that is extremely hard to quit.

Prior did this in an effort to raise awareness of the sugar in our diet. The World Health Organization recently revised its recommendation for daily sugar from 50 grams to 25 grams.

One can Coke contains 35 grams of sugar, more than the daily recommended allotment on its own. It’s not just soft drinks, however, that contain large amounts of sugar.

Fruit juice and other flavored drinks often contain copious amounts of sugar. Some parents give these drinks to their children, thinking they are healthier than soda. Unfortunately, sugar is sugar and it’s all bad for children.

Prior wanted to show parents everywhere just how stark the effects of sugar on the body are. We’d say he was very successful.