Harry Potter fans are not only loyal; they’re some of the most creative fans out there. Redditor tbornottb3 solidified his place as one of the greatest Harry Potter fans of all time when he shared images on Imgur of his recent project, a digital version of the Weasley family’s clock. The muggle-made clock is fully functional, and instead of using magic it syncs with the family’s smartphones so that they can relay information about their locations.

To begin, tbornottb3 used a broken clock that he found at a local antique store.

He then drew his design for the clock and had his friend translate it on Adobe Illustrator. The replica clock’s options are: home, work, holiday, mortal peril (you know, for emergency purposes,) forest, and on the way.

He was able to take the vectors from Adobe Illustrator and laser cut them into the wood. We think he used a little magic, but we can’t be certain.

From there, he coded the clock using If This Then That (IFTTT) which is a web service that enables his family to send messages to the clock based on certain location-based rules. For example, when tbornottb3 enters his school’s library the clock will signal that he’s at work.

For the final touches, he added some LED lights in addition to creating a fancy “B” out of black paint. The clock will also flash a different color for each family member before it alerts the rest of the family about their current location. Brilliant!

Harry Potter fans never cease to amaze!