Balang has serious moves!

A young boy is taking the internet by storm, one dance video at a time! John Philip Bughaw, also known as Balang, is a 7-year-old from the Philippines who is capturing peoples’ hearts with his moves.He’s so good, he even caught the eye of Ellen! At 7 years old, he’s already been on DeGeneres’s show TWICE. The first time he was a guest, he performed Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj—which soon became his most popular video. DeGeneres loved him and said she could watch him dance for hours!

While on DeGeneres’ show, he mentions that he wants to become a Zumba teacher so he can help people get healthy. He even talks about getting a bicycle on his second appearance so he can ride around and stay healthy himself.After he danced to the Single Ladies by Beyoncé on the show, Degeneres surprised him with his very own cycling machine. This way he can ride even when the weather is bad! He was so ecstatic when he realized it was his.

His newest video, though, has REALLY gone viral. Balang’s most recent endeavor is Justin Bieber’s song Sorry. Everyone has gone crazy over it! He is standing against a wall, wearing a tiger tank top, and mimicking Bieber’s dance move from the original video. This has become his most popular video, by far. In 3 days, it’s already hit over 11 million views. Maybe because he’s becoming so popular, Bieber will use him in one of his own videos! Or any pop star really. I’m sure Balang would be happy to dance with anyone who asks.