Everyone wants a perfect butt. Both men and women are attracted to a firm, round rear end. It shows a person is healthy, likely exercises, and cares about how they look. Your butt actually says a lot about who you are, so it’s important to do everything possible to keep it looking good.

There are actually four main butt shapes that are determined by a variety of factors. Some of these factors include your individual body type, where you carry the fat on your body, how strong your butt actually is, and several other reasons. No matter what type you have, doing regular strength training will keep it looking great.

The first butt type is the square butt. It’s called this because it, unsurprisingly, looks like a square. The butt is boxy and mostly flat, resembling a perfect box. This is a very common butt type among people who sit at a desk all day and maybe don’t work out as much as they should.

A person has this type of butt when they have either have high hip bones or they carry around some fat along the side in their love handles. The square look is typically not the most attractive. If you want to improve that look, you should try doing more squats and moving more throughout the day. Going for regular walks can also tighten up your rear end.

The next type of butt type is the O-shaped butt. This is a person who stores more fat in their upper glutes, giving their butt an oval appearance. It’s the butt of someone who may not work out much but is fortunate to have good genes.

Because the fat is stored in the upper glutes, it actually gives the butt a perky appearance even though you may not get much exercise. If you put in just a little bit of work, you’ll go from having a good butt to a great one.

The third type of butt is the heart-shaped butt. This is generally considered to be the most desirable type of rear end. The fat is stored in the upper thighs and makes the butt look like a heart.

This perky butt needs to be worked out if it’s going to keep its shape. As a woman ages, her rear end will naturally begin to sag. If she does enough squats or other glute workouts, she can forestall this problem for many years.

The final butt type is the V-shaped butt. This is the type of butt that happens as women age and lose that nice heart shape. It’s very common in middle-aged women who maybe don’t work out like they once did.

This happens because, as a woman ages, she begins to lose estrogen. The fat storage that used to be in the rear end begins to move into the abdomen or midsection, resulting in a sagging butt. There’s little a woman can do to completely stop this, but regular workouts can help mitigate the negative effects of aging.