The Internet Isn’t Happy About This Company’s “Beer For Women”

Because how could a woman drink a normal beer?

If you’re a woman and you’ve been waiting for beer companies to finally create a product for you—well, first of all, we’d recommend literally any beer on the planet.

But if you’re looking for an especially feminine brew and you’re intimidated by your supermarket’s ultra-masculine lagers and stouts, you might consider Aurosa, a new Czech beer billed as the “First Beer For Her.” Introduced by brewer Rychvald, it comes in a pink box (of course). Early marketing materials show the luxurious purple bottle surrounded by roses and lovingly cradled in a woman’s hands.


Granted, all of that could be seen as incredibly insulting since there’s nothing gender-specific about a bunch of fermented grains, hops, and yeast.

Rychvald says that the beverage features the “strength” and “tenderness” that act as the “contrasting tempers present in the female essence,” according to The Daily Mail. The beer was reportedly created by a woman, Martina Šmírová, who recognized an unusual problem.


“If you go to a restaurant and you order this big huge half-liter of beer,” she asked Eater, “do you feel like this is supporting your femininity?”

To be fair, we don’t ask our booze to support any aspect of our self-identity, but we’re probably not the target audience.

Aurosa’s launch quickly drew jeers and derision across social media.

“This is idiotic,” one user wrote. “Clearly created by a guy who has never spoken to a woman or had a beer with one. This hurts us all, just stop this!”

“Women already have a beer,” wrote another. “It’s called ‘beer.'”


Dozens of other individuals criticized Aurora’s marketing campaign, using the #beerforher hashtag while addressing replies directly to the company’s Twitter account.

But some Instagram and Twitter users left positive comments, asking where they could import the premium beverage. While Aurosa’s marketing materials might be pandering, the company is getting plenty of free press.

To be clear, Aurosa is not the first beer marketed towards women.

In fact, according to Fortune, Anheuser-Busch markets several of its products to a predominantly female audience, including the flavored malt beverage Lime-A-Rita.

“Over the past five years, Lime-A-Rita has seen steady growth in its popularity among women, with females currently representing 65% of our consumer base,” said Selena Kalvaria, senior director for Lime-A-Rita.

The Fit Fork

And according to the Brewers Association, an organization that advocates for small and independent craft brewers, women make up 25 percent of weekly craft beer drinkers. Women who drink beer are just as likely as men to choose craft brews.

The association also found that “confident beer-drinking women don’t like to be treated as an afterthought or a stereotype.” That might not be great news for Aurosa.

The #beerforher controversy is reminiscent of the Amazon reviews for BIC For Her.

When pen maker BIC launched a new set of purple-and-pink BIC For Her “fashion” pens, Amazon reviewers left hundreds of scathing sarcastic reviews.


“So now they have their own pens,” wrote one reviewer. “Next thing, they will be owning property, voting, and talking back. Where will it end?”

Apparently, it won’t end with beer.

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