This is Ashley Yeats. He’s a designer and a contractor from Bedford, England, who has always wanted something strange in his life. 

Like anyone else who has ever seen The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Yeats wanted his own hobbit hole. Fortunately, an apple tree in his backyard died, and he had the perfect space to start digging. 

After he dug the large hole, he started filling it in with a wooden frame. It looked a little rough at first, but you can see what he was going for. 

He then took some steel sheets and added them to the outside of the frame. Little by little, the plan began to come together! 

He added some walls and a very stylish looking front door to increase the aesthetic appeal. Some extra support beams were necessary before he started to build the roof. 

The view from the interior is pretty nice! The hobbit hole was finally starting to look like a cozy living space. 

After sealing a layer of tarp to the beams for waterproofing, Yeats started to cover the roof in soil for that authentic shire look. 

After the structure was complete, all that was left was a little landscaping. It’s a good thing Yeats is a contractor, because a project this cool deserves a professional touch. 

As if the project weren’t already impressive enough, he installed hardwood floors, a cushioned bench, and shelves to make the place feel a little more like home. 

The makeshift shire even includes a small kitchen! It’s fully powered and weatherproof. 

It would be criminal to have such a cozy nook without something to read in it. The hobbit hole of course includes some bookshelves and books! 

The finished product is astonishing. It looks even nicer than the set piece they used for the films! Yeats of course made sure to plant a beautiful garden right outside the door.