Graham McQuet and Jill Sharp are two people from Great Britain who, according to Jill’s Twitter feed, were engaged to be married. She shared pictures of them taking trips together, standing arm-in-arm, and other photos typical of any relationship.

There was just one problem: they had never met. Jill had created a fictitious relationship with Graham, Photoshopping out his real fiance for images of Jill. This ruse went on for four years.

Jill’s friends began to grow suspicious when they could never meet the elusive Graham. The two seemed to be very happy on social media, traveling together, exchanging loving messages, and basically showing all the signs of having a happy relationship.

But when the friends would ask about getting together with Graham, there was always some excuse for why he couldn’t make it. He would have to cancel at the last minute, he would get sick, and other excuses always popped up on nights they were supposed to meet him. These friends decided to dig a little deeper to get more info about Graham and Jill’s “relationship.”

When they looked closer, they realized that the pictures didn’t match up. For example, one picture shows Graham in front of Westminster Abbey alone followed by a picture of Jill in front the famous abbey alone. The implication was that each took the other’s photo.

Her friends soon realized that the pictures were actually taken on different days. In Graham’s photo, the ground is wet and it appears to be raining; in Jill’s photo, the ground is perfectly dry. She had been travelling around London taking photos in the same spots as Graham.

Her friends tracked down the real Graham and alerted him to the fictitious relationship. He had never met Jill and was understandably horrified when he learned of her actions. He and his real fiance, Marianne, contacted the police and accused Jill of stalking them. However, there was little the police could do.

Graham and his real fiance are happily planning their real wedding while Jill has deleted her profile and that of the fake Graham. There is no update on whether she is currently dating someone, in real life or otherwise.